ACEEE’s June Newsletter

June Newsletter

We are excited to start the summer with good news: Nevada, Washington, Colorado, and Hawaii are adopting energy efficiency standards for products, including light bulbs. Similar standards are at risk of a federal rollback so states are acting to keep our nation’s light bulbs most efficient. We’re also pleased to spotlight a new issue brief on dual-fuel efficiency programs.

Please keep us posted on your own endeavors.


Steven Nadel
Executive Director
Research Spotlight:
Dual Fuel Programs 
 Our new issue brief on residential dual-fuel program opportunities is part of our Emerging Opportunities in Buildings series. While most energy efficiency programs target only one fuel, such as electricity or natural gas, dual-fuel programs can save more energy, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction. Our brief highlights best practices for these programs as well as innovative approaches and technologies that can unlock deeper savings across multiple fuels.    
States Oppose Light Bulb RollbackIIn May, in opposition to the Trump administration’s proposed rollback of US energy-efficient light bulb standards, the governors of three states — Washington, Colorado, and Nevada — signed legislation that adopts those federal standards into state law. They follow Vermont, which did so last year. Hawaii has passed a similar bill that we expect the governor to sign shortly. The Hill spotlighted the issue and our research.In addition, the attorneys general of 15 states, Washington DC, and New York City cited ACEEE’s research in comments to the Department of Energy opposing the US light bulb rollback.

Murkowski Opens with EfficiencyAlaska’s Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), chair of the US Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, cited ACEEE research in opening remarks at a hearing on renewable energy and energy efficiency. She called efficiency “a good story, but unfortunately isn’t told near often enough.”  

Virginia Steps Up As Possible Southeast ModelACEEE successfully advocated for full funding of Virginia energy efficiency programs. In May 2019, state regulators rejected Dominion Energy’s efforts to include lost revenues in its efficiency budgets, thus ensuring all funding goes to efficiency programs. However the utility still needs to ramp up its efforts to meet new state requirements.
Reports & Blog Posts 
Efficiency Benefits Indoor Agriculture
by Jennifer AmannAs the market for indoor agriculture surges, businesses, growers, and states are finding innovative ways to slash energy costs that show the potential for much greater savings.
Fuel Economy Reduces Cost of Road Tripsby Eric Junga
As Americans hit the road over Memorial Day weekend, they saw firsthand how improved fuel economy saved them money. They didn’t have to stop as often or spend as much for gas, leaving more time and money for summer fun.
Efficiency Delivers Greater ROI Than Solarby Steven Nadel
Looking for an investment with a high, secure return on investment? A home’s light energy efficiency retrofit can deliver a whopping 18.5% return annually, nearly double that of long-term stocks.