ACEEE’s January Newsletter

January Newsletter

Hello friends,

We hope you had a warm and bright holiday season. As we set goals for 2019, we want to share our recent highlights and those of our allies. Today, we are releasing three new topic briefs as well as a Governors Toolkit, which will help newly elected and returning governors maximize their states’ energy efficiency.

Please keep us posted about your endeavors, and best wishes for a happy new year!

Steven Nadel
Executive Director


Governors Toolkit

As governors across the country set innovative energy policies, energy efficiency can help them go even further toward meeting state goals. A new ACEEE toolkit outlines steps they can take to increase energy savings in homes, businesses, and transportation.

Topic Briefs

Home Energy Efficiency Policies: Ratings, Assessments, Labels, and Disclosure examines how residential energy disclosure policies increase efficiency’s value in home buying decisions.
Commercial and Multifamily Building Energy Benchmarking, Transparency, and Labeling in US Cities highlights city benchmarking policies, including their compliance rates, energy savings, and greenhouse gas emissions reductions.
Encouraging Access to Technology-Enabled Transportation Data for Passenger Mobility in US Cities 
explores tools cities can use to give residents and agencies access to transportation data that will help them make smarter mobility decisions and investments.


National Convening on Utilities and Electric Vehicles

Commissioner Tim Echols of the Georgia Public Service Commission kicked off this invite-only event by discussing electric vehicle promotion. The November convening in Atlanta, GA, explored how best to deploy and integrate electric vehicles into our power grid and transportation systems.

Carbon Pricing Report

by Steven Nadel

Fourteen US states and Canadian provinces, plus one US city, have already put a price on greenhouse gas emissions, and seven more are close behind. This is part of a growing North American trend to create a market-based incentive to reduce emissions and energy use.

Conference on Health, Environment, and Energy

This first-ever ACEEE event, held last month in New Orleans, discussed how the healthcare industry can optimize its energy use. Some leaders (from left, Steve Luxton, Lauren Wentz, Ruth Ann Norton, Ellen Tohn) won an ACEEE award. Presentations and videos of plenary speakers are now online.


Image result for washington post logo squareHome Heating Tune-Up

ACEEE’s Jennifer Amann is featured in The New York Times’ Climate Fwd newsletter. Her advice for keeping warm this winter? Tune up your heating system, change your furnace’s filters, lower the thermostat to 68°F and, if you’re still cold, put on a sweater.