ACEEE March Newsletter

March Newsletter

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Chin up — we’re almost through the winter. We hope you’ve had a productive start to 2019. We’d like to share some of our recent progress with you, including our newest round of Exemplary Program awards, honoring America’s best energy efficiency utility programs. We also unveiled our 2019 GreenerCars rankings, noting the dominance of electric vehicles and the absence of Detroit Three cars on our Greenest list.

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Steven Nadel
Executive Director



“We are proud to have several vehicles … make such a prominent list,” said Mike O’Brien, vice president of Hyundai Motor America, about the’s 2019 list of the greenest vehicles. ACEEE scored 1,200-plus vehicles, including the 12 least eco-friendly or “meanest” ones.

Exemplary Programs

ACEEE is proud to honor 53 of the United States’ leading energy efficiency utility programs with the Exemplary Program Award. The programs are innovative and successful in helping customers optimize energy use in their homes and businesses.

Bulb Standard Rollback

The Trump administration has proposed rolling back the expansion of light bulb energy efficiency standards. This move would cost consumers billions ($100 per household each year) and, by wasting energy, would increase power plant pollution equal to the carbon emissions of more than seven million cars.


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Greenest and Meanest Vehicles of 2019

Forbes’ Jim Gorzelany reports on‘s greenest and least environmentally friendly cars.

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Germany’s Green New Deal is Working

The United States would do well to imitate Germany’s energy use and sustainability efforts, based on ACEEE’s international scorecard.

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Readers React to the Green New Deal

The Washington post cites ACEEE’s research on U.S. energy savings in its analysis of the Green New Deal.


ACEEE’s Dr. Reuven Sussman won the American Psychological Association’s 2018-2019 Early Career Achievement Award, which honors his scientific contributions and dedicated service to the field of environmental psychology.