Ethical Markets Media (USA and Brazil) works to reform markets and grow the green economy worldwide, focusing on the best practices, the most ethical, best-governed, cleanest, greenest organizations and technologies so as to raise global standards.   We are a social enterprise, an emerging form of business putting people, planet and profit in their proper order (see case study in Earth Capitalism, with foreword by Bill Gates).

We widely offer our greatest resource – the vetting of information, analysis and trends focused on positive, useful, factual and unbiased content from our own global systemic perspective and research.


In-depth global systems analysis of the economic, political, SRI, CSR, science and technological developments in global sustainability, tailoring content specific to institutions, universities and enterprises working toward a more just, sustainable green economy worldwide.

Licenses are provided on a scaled-fee structure for non-profit, emerging and established for-profit enterprises.  Organizations engaging our services benefit from relationships with us, via license, and our reputation of 30 years of the highest ethical standards and most rigorous research. One-on-one consultations are available on a case-by-case basis.
provides news and systemic analysis on the green transition, reforming global finance, social innovations and cultural shifts toward more equitable, healthy, sustainable lifestyles through reports, articles, newsletters and the research and analysis of our editor-in-chief, Hazel Henderson.

The Green Transition Scoreboard
is an ongoing research project, compiling the $2 trillion in growing the green economy globally already privately invested or committed since 2007.  We are seeking a well-respected sponsor for this highly visible project which will influence institutional investors and governments by demonstrating the immense social and technological leadership already provided by key private investors and enterprises.

We are proud to provide the following services pro bono:

The Calvert-Henderson Quality of Life Indicators
is a widely celebrated project, co-created by Hazel Henderson with the Calvert Group of socially responsible mutual funds.  Hazel Henderson updates Current Issues monthly and the Indicators are regularly sited (see “Is GDP An Obsolete Measure of Progress” at  The desk reference manual, key to baseline data sources, is available from or Amazon.

The EthicMark® Award
for Advertising that Uplifts the Human Spirit and Society was founded by Hazel Henderson in 2004 and is now administered by our partner the World Business Academy and co-chaired by World Business Academy president Rinaldo Brutoco and Hazel Henderson.  (See current project on Neuromarketing.)

The Ethical Markets Sustainability Research Group
provides a public service portal to bring together recent graduates from sustainability programs around the world and experienced practitioners through interpersonal networking.


With more than 20 years of experience, the Ethical Markets Media professionals, under the expert leadership of Hazel Henderson, provide executive production services for documentaries and television series from idea development to final editing.
streams original Ethical Markets productions (listed below) and carefully chosen, relevant video gathered from around the world.

Projects include:

*   Transforming Finance Series (2011-2014)
available for educational markets at

*    The Money Fix (2009, 2010)
aired on PBS stations nationwide; available for educational markets at

*    Growing the Green Economy (2007)
aired on PBS and the Documentary Channel; available for educational markets at

*    Ethical Markets TV Series (2005)
reached 44% of all PBS TV households; available for educational markets at

*    Reforming International Finance (2005)
available for educational markets at

*    Rethinking Globalization (2002)

*    Dialogues with Hazel Henderson and global thought leaders (1995)

*    Creating Alternative Futures (1984)
aired on PBS stations with world-class futurists correctly predicting today’s global issues

These completed projects are available by license for rebroadcast based on a scaled-fee structure for non-profit, emerging and established for-profit enterprises and academic organizations.  Many of these programs are licensed and available for college and library use at


Having consulted with many college and university program directors and established the Ethical Markets Sustainability Research Group (see above), we offer targeted guidance in developing course and program curricula in sustainability for MBA, Social Studies and other environment and social responsibility oriented programs.  Services offered include general development, audits of existing courses/curricula and specific course development with a focus on systems thinking.


By live, interactive videocasts worldwide

Ethical Markets Media presentations are available based on a scaled-fee structure for non-profit, emerging and established for-profit enterprises.  To minimize our carbon footprint, most engagements are done via live videocast, at our own library and conference facility in historic St. Augustine, Florida, or in conjunction with other travel commitments.  Live videocast presentations avoid travel and lodging costs, limiting expenses to approximately $500 for most time zones (including expert technical support and rehearsal before the event).

Hazel Henderson is a world renowned, global futurist, author and public speaker on topics such as alternative economics, systems thinking, corporate social responsibility, socially responsible investing, technology and innovation, and growing the green economy.  She offers a positive message of how humanity can meet current challenges and future needs to the betterment of generations to come.

Fees for Hazel Henderson range from $10,000 per day for commercial groups to a minimum of $3,500 for academic courses, plus expenses.

For more on Hazel read her articles, see the Ethical Markets Team or visit her website at

Rosalinda Sanquiche, MA Environmental and Resource Policy, is an emerging speaker on topics ranging from SRI and CSR in response to needs in the Hispanic community, implementing sustainability locally and on policy and research implications of sustainability principles and criteria.

Fees for Rosalinda Sanquiche are based on a scaled-fee structure for non-profit, emerging and established for-profit enterprises.

For more on Rosalinda, see the Ethical Markets Team, read the Ethical Markets blog or follow her twitter at ethicalmarkets.


Ethical Markets Media selects and publicizes many of the key CONFERENCES around the world covering market reform and growing green and sustainable economic sectors. Our correspondents also cover many of these conference and write reports for our website.

We have a lengthy list of PARTNERS with whom we interact on many levels, including cross-promotion, barter of services or information exchange.