A GREEN BANK OF ENGLAND”, Positive Money Report!

“Ethical Markets congratulates our friends at Positive Money and author Rob Macquarie for this important report, so vitally needed to help reform central banks everywhere!

~Hazel Henderson, Editor“


This is exciting. This morning our new report “A Green Bank of England: Central Banking for a Low-Carbon Economy” made it to page 2 of the Financial Times. It’s in The Independent, Business Green and the Ecologist too.

Central bankers, politicians, policymakers and economists all read the Financial Times. It’s a hugely influential newspaper. The fact that Positive Money’s report is on page 2 shows that our research and campaign is being taken increasingly seriously in the mainstream media.

Now together we need to share this news so we can have an even bigger impact. Positive Money’s power comes from the number of people who follow our campaign, chip in money or ideas, or spread the word – it all ramps up the pressure on the politicians with the power to change things.


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Rob Macquarie, economist at Positive Money and author of the report, launched it in Parliament today alongside an influential panel – and the event couldn’t have gone better…

Barry Gardiner MP, Shadow Climate Change Minister, said: “we face the economic catastrophe of climate change. Our children will ask us, given that you saw it coming, why on earth did you not take all the necessary steps to avert it?”

If climate change poses a systemic risk to our finances, then it’s surely the duty of the Bank of England to do something about it; to protect the economy from climate change, and to accelerate our efforts to tackle that change. This report, being launched today, is I think a tremendous starting point on how the Bank of England ought to go about fulfilling that mandate.”

“We bailed out the banks after the last financial crisis, now it’s time for a climate bailout.”

Lord Deben, Chair of the Committee on Climate Change (the independent advisory body to the government on UK climate policy), said: “the Bank of England has to take much tougher measures to integrate its acknowledgement of the dangers of climate change with its actual policies.”

Baroness Featherstone, the Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Energy and Climate Change, congratulated Positive Money for such a comprehensive piece of work and for driving this agenda forward. She said “I recommend the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee and Financial Policy Committee read the contents of this report and take it seriously.”

“We actually have the opportunity to make the UK the green finance capital of the world.”
It’s not every day that a grassroots campaign like Positive Money publishes such an important piece of research, hits headlines, and puts on such a fantastic event in Parliament. Please will you chip in today so together we can keep having an impact?

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Thank you for being involved,

Rachel, Fran, Rob and the rest of the Positive Money team