A Clean Energy Future Will Create 24 Million Jobs—But They Must Be Decent

A Clean Energy Future Must Benefit All Of Our Planet’s People

“While a net-zero future is both necessary and inevitable, what is also necessary but not inevitable is that this shift benefits all of our planet’s people.” Co-Chair of The B Team’s Net-Zero by 2050 Working Group, David Crane, urges business to help build a just transition toward a clean energy future that benefits all of our planet’s people.

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More and more companies are acting on climate, but they cannot forget about people in the process. We’ve partnered with the Just Transition Centre to give business the tools to build a clean energy economy that leaves no one behind with Just Transition: A Business Guide.

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There can be no decent work with gender-based violence and harassment in the workplace. B Team Leaders are stepping up to join governments and workers’ groups in support of an ILO Convention and Recommendation to stop these harmful practices.

Only four percent of the world’s population live in countries with open civic space—we’re facing a civic space emergency. In recognition of Open Gov Week, our Governance & Transparency Director Robin Hodess shares why protecting civic space is a private sector priority.

This month, the UK made the landmark decision to require public registers in all overseas territories by 2020. While this is a victory to be celebrated, it’s also a reminder of the continued momentum needed from the private sector to end anonymous companies worldwide.

“Our public services are vitally important, but we are not talking about them.” This year’s Ibrahim Governance Weekend highlighted the significance of public services—and business’ role in strengthening them—for a prosperous and inclusive African future.