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'The Power of Yin'

Highlights benefits of holistic approach to SRI, sustainability, networking, the Love Economy, the empowerment of women.

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The winners of the Future Policy Award 2014 framed by speakers and organizers at the ceremony in Geneva

The winners of the Future Policy Award 2014 framed by speakers and organizers at the ceremony in Geneva

The winners of the Future Policy Award 2014 framed by speakers and organizers at the ceremony in Geneva Dear Friends of the World Future Council, To build the just and equal societies we envision for our children and grand-children, we need to end Violence against Women and Girls. This is why we researched the world’s best policies to tackle violence against women and girls and awarded them with our Future Policy Award 2014. On October 14, several hundred Parliamentarians were in the audience as the Gold, Silver and Vision awards were presented to representatives from the City of Duluth in Minnesota, Burkina Faso, Austria and the Council of Europe. In Geneva’s Congress Center, where our partners from the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) held their 131st Assembly, we heard speeches [...]

Launch of Women’s Impact Bond and More

Launch of Women’s Impact Bond and More

Congratulations to Michaela Walsh, Ethical Markets Advisory Board member, for all her amazing work.  Read her interview under “Reflections” below where she explains the significance of Women’s World Banking. ~ Editor IMPACT QUARTERLY: OCTOBER 2014 Welcome Letter I am still feeling ‘high’ from the incredible gathering at the clinton global initiative (CGI). With its star studded line up, the most heartening thing at CGI was to see its commitment towards girls, women and the environment. Thus, it was indeed an honor to announce IIX’s commitment at CGI for women’s health through our Women’s Impact Bond. Among the many take-aways and wisdom gained from the 2008 financial crisis, the two that stand out in my mind are, one, while the markets melted globally, [...]

2nd Annual Women Leading Green Event, October 1, 2014

Contact: Steven Hoffman, Compass Natural Marketing, tel 303.807.1042,[email protected] Seleyn DeYarus, FearLess Revolution, tel 303.886.9844, [email protected] Eco Women Rule! FearLess Revolution to Feature Women Green Business Leaders at 2nd Annual Women Leading Green Event, Boulder, October 1, 2014 The event will feature an informative, entertaining and interactive panel of pioneering women in health, sustainability and conscious business, including: Maria Rodale, CEO & Chairman of Rodale Inc., publisher of Prevention Magazine; Marci Zaroff, founder of Under the Canopy & CEO of I Am Enlightened Creations; and Zhena Muzyka, author & founder of Zhena's Gypsy Teas. Hosted by Alex Bogusky and Seleyn DeYarus, Directors of FearLess [...]

How Measuring The Economy Differently Could Increase Gender Equality

Every three months, the government takes the temperature of the economy by releasing Gross Domestic Product, or GDP, figures. GDP goes up: the economy is supposedly healthy. GDP goes down: there’s a bug (or an all-out contagion, as during the Great Recession). But GDP — which adds up the value of work being done, widgets created, profits made, money spent by consumers and the government, and things invested and exported — was never meant to accurately assess everything happening in the economy. It was createdduring the New Deal to see whether the programs were really helping. The creator of the GDP measure itself, Simon Kuznets, warned, “The welfare of a nation can scarcely be inferred from a measurement of national income as defined by the GDP.” So a handful of groups [...]

2014 Women in Green Forum Showcases Sustainability Strides

By Danielle Lanyard, Founder and CEO, Village Green; producer, Green Breakfast Club event series   Today’s climate crisis may be the most pressing issue of our time. Yet rarely are women serving as the primary voices speaking out and getting heard on this issue, or any issue that shapes our history. The opposite was true at the annual Women in Green Forum, a conference for Sustainability recently held in LA for it’s fifth year going.   The tenor of transition and shift was in the air and permeating about the breakfast buffet floor, where the only thing more varied and deeply sustainably-minded than the food, was the attendees themselves.  From ethical fashion to policy advocacy groups to healthy air and smart transportation, every industry and type of [...]

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