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EMM Spring Gathering Focuses on Opportunities Others Are Missing

Rosalinda Sanquiche, Partner and Executive Director, ethical markets media Ethical Markets® Media hosted the Finding Ethical Alpha Conference in St. Augustine, FL, May 12-13, 2014. Designed with Stuart Williams of Endobility, the focus was on guiding the world’s significant asset allocators to use environmental and humanitarian risk/return metrics and screens across 100% of their portfolios. Co-chaired by sustainability pioneers Hazel Henderson, president of Ethical Markets®, and Lawrence Bloom, co-founder and chairman of B.e Energy, the conference gathered leading experts across sustainability stakeholder groups to implement projects to reach, teach and inform asset managers. The highlight of the event was Dennis Bushnell, chief scientist for NASA, who engaged and inspired [...]

Fluoride or the Fox in the Henhouse

In North Carolina there is a great range of music on the radio from classical to folk to the most avant-garde. An old tune caught my attention the other day. Some of its catchy words won't let me go, and I think I am starting to know why: "Who broke the lock? Who broke the lock on the henhouse door? Who broke the lock? I don't know... I'm a-gonna find out before I go... " I'm thinking, "Someone broke into the henhouse -- the place where the eggs are laid, where something of value is produced -- presumably to do some damage." And I began to wonder, "Who broke the lock?" Isn't that a question for our world?   READ MORE HERE [...]

Rosalinda Sanquiche – Ethical Markets Media Executive Director

Rosalinda Sanquiche – Ethical Markets Media Executive Director

Rosalinda Sanquiche, Executive Director – Rosalinda began her environmental career with the American Wind Energy Association in Washington, DC, in research and communications.  She has written on the construction industry for Builder/Architect and on the environment for CSRWire, Kosmos and various outlets.  She has taught environmental policy and team-taught field classes combining ecology and policy in Florida and Belize.  As a program manager for the North Florida Land Trust she focused on protecting environmentally significant places through B2B, educational and private/public easements. Rosalinda currently serves as treasurer for the Northeast Florida Green Chamber, formerly advised Collins Capital Management where she was instrumental in developing the first SRI portfolio [...]

Is Ethical Advertising Finally Gaining Traction?

Update: Since this article posted, I have been contacted about other positive advertising awards. The Cannes Lion Grand Prix for Good and the D&AD White Pencil are social awareness awards within their larger fields of awards. Agencies submit packages, many with multi-media components, corporate clients and global reach, which creatively highlight noble and often beautiful campaigns. The ActReponsible.org Tribute recognizes advertising agencies “committed to lend their creativity and services to organisations and the causes they defend” with a wide range of international “Favorites” in Planet, Solidarity, Violence and Education categories. Like the EthicMark®, ActResponsible.org welcomes public input: ActReponsible via public voting and the EthicMark® via free and open [...]

New GDP Accounting Makes a Difference Locally

The narrow ”economism” shown by critics of the Picasso Exhibit running its last week in St. Augustine, Florida, is a hangover from obsolete economic textbooks still unable to record “intangibles,” those valuable services which today make up some 70% of advanced economies and services sector companies’ balance sheets.  These old textbooks are based on only material goods of the manufacturing Industrial Era predominant in the 19th and 20th centuries, accounting for products you can drop on your foot. On July 31st, the US Commerce Department’s Bureau of Economic Analysis, which produces our national income accounts: more commonly known as our GDP (Gross Domestic Product) began recording some of these “intangible” assets, including investments in software, art, movies, [...]

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