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November 2012  The statement on TRANSFORMING ECONOMIES INTO TRUE WEALTH is an [...]

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'Articles by Hazel Henderson'

Review Of ‘The Second Machine Age’

Review Of ‘The Second Machine Age’

Summary Hazel Henderson's perspective on the recently published book, 'The Second Machine Age' by Erik Byrynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee, authors of Race Against the Machine. Explores the role of digitization in finance, economics and the economy. Lauds authors' break from traditional "economism" while questioning their faith in silicon valley. Erik Byrynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee, both at MIT, have written a very useful follow-up to their Race Against the Machine (2012) which bucked conventional economics and squarely faced our current era of jobless economic growth. Their new volume explores the causes of this latest challenge to all mature industrial societies, particularly in north america and Europe. Orthodox economic theories cannot account for this current malaise of [...]

Book Review: ‘Flash Boys’ By Michael Lewis

Book Review: ‘Flash Boys’ By Michael Lewis

Summary How high frequency trading works against investors. Highlighting the sleuthing efforts of Brad Katsuyama to bypass the digitization of wall street. Using a financial transaction tax (FTT) to curtail hft. Flash Boys by Michael Lewis, WW Norton, New York, 2014 READ MORE HERE [...]

Quality of Life Indicators in Context by Hazel Henderson

Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 175,000 in February with further upward revisions from 113,000 to 129,000 in January and upward from 75,000 to 84,000 in December 2013.  The unemployment rate remained at 6.7% while the civilian labor force participation rate was unchanged at 63.0.%.  The private sector gains show the recovery is still on track.  Employment gains averaged 182,000 jobs per month in 2013.  It remains difficult to find information on government jobs which decreased by 12,000 in January, now included in the main BLS  summary.  Continued losses of government jobs are key to understanding the state of the recovery.  Total government jobs in February were provisionally estimated at 21,851,100, an increase of 37,000 over January.  The continuing uncertainty [...]

CSR Wire: Don’t Be Evil: What’s the Matter with Google?

CSR Wire: Don’t Be Evil: What’s the Matter with Google?

  Don't Be Evil: What's the Matter with Google? Has Google lost its way? Why is the organization now funding regressive organizations fronting for the fossilized sectors and legacy incumbent interests holding back the green economy? What happened to the founders' mission of catalyzing a whole-system transition from the fossil-fueled Industrial Era to the cleaner, knowledge-rich, green economies of the Solar Age? Then there is the organization's misplaced R&D efforts narrowly focused on linear, often trivial extensions of IT, like Google Glass and its privacy implications. Hazel Henderson, a long time supporter of the company recently sold her stock in Google despite holding on to it when it sank below 300. What [...]

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