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Green Transition Scoreboard®

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Building the Woman's World Banking [...]

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The Green Economy -- A Wide [...]

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Banking for the Common [...]

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November 2012  The statement on TRANSFORMING ECONOMIES INTO TRUE WEALTH is an [...]

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'Ethical Markets Review'

Ethical Markets Review publishes original, cutting-edge pieces from colleagues around the world focused on reforming markets and metrics while growing the green economy worldwide.

Ethical Markets Review:Can democratic money with environmental values reduce market failures?

Ethical Markets Review:Can democratic money with environmental values reduce market failures?

Can democratic money with environmental values reduce market failures?  Shann Turnbull, [email protected] Principal: International Institute for Self-governance   The 2008 global financial crisis and current uncertainties about the Euro provide evidence that the financial system is neither self-correcting nor capable of being reliably regulated. The financial system has failed because modern money has become a belief system.  It is based on ideology not logic. Today money no longer represents any single commodity like gold, silver, grain, tea, or cattle. Nor does money represent any definable basket of commodities. Money has become disconnected from real things including the state of the environment. It exists only by the fiat of government. Why then do [...]

Raj Thamotheram on working together towards sustainable capitalism

Raj Thamotheram on working together towards sustainable capitalism

We are honored to publish this presentation by Raj Thamotheram, President, Network for Sustainable Financial Markets , of which we are members. Thamotheram is a longtime financial expert and practitioner who has become  a key figure in reforming global financial markets. - Hazel Henderson, Editor Good morning. Today’s “Accounting for the Future” session focuses on investors and specifically, how accountants and investors can work together to support boards and corporate executives who want to take a longer-term and more sustainable approach to running their companies. And I’ll also highlight how, again working together, accountants and investors can provide a suitable professional challenge to those corporate execs and boards who haven’t yet begun the transition to [...]

Measuring Immeasurable Change

Measuring Immeasurable Change

“We at Ethical Markets  are happy to Publish  this original  article by Paul Glover, one of the true pioneers of local development and true wealth and sustainable communities," Hazel Henderson, - Editor by Paul Glover There’s obvious need for a new Economy of Generosity, to repair communities and nature.  Heroic efforts are being made to promote this direction, but green progress lags grey decay. Gatekeepers of the old economy will continue to destroy the future exactly as long as they run the only game in town. All of our perfect econometric proposals, polite lobbying, angry marches and moral indignation will not alone prevail.  America’s rich, middle class and poor will all fight over the scraps of normal life unless practical alternatives take root. Therefore [...]

The Cybernetics of Sustainability: Definition and Underlying Principles

"We are happy to publish this paper by Michael Ben-Eli who is not only an innovative thinker but also a pragmatic activist in applying his insights in the Negev Desert with a Bedouin Community." ~ Hazel Henderson, Editor Michael Ben-Eli The Sustainability Laboratory, New York Sustainability: Has the true meaning been lost? For decades now, increasing numbers of thoughtful observers have called attention to disturbing patterns in the current trajectory of human affairs. Accelerating dramatically since the early days of the industrial revolution, powerful forces in development and technology have brought new promises and opened so many new possibilities for humankind. At the same time, driven largely by the impact of human activities, serious threats have emerged to the [...]

Transitioning to the Solar Age

Transitioning to the Solar Age

By Hazel Henderson This essay has been excerpted as a chapter in WorldShift 2020: The New Vision - Exploring the Evolving Horizons; section 'From Vision To Reality: Contributions From The Worldshifting Community' forthcoming from Inner Traditions Publishing (Rochester, VT). The multiple crises human societies experienced in the first decade of the 21st century must be acknowledged as results of our limited perceptions and occluded vision.  Thus, these crises we experience are mirroring back to us the need to expand our awareness of the planet which hosts us, one among over 30 million other species that constitute its living biosphere.  Stress is evolution's tool, feedback to expand our consciousness which is now accelerating human learning processes far beyond traditional [...]

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