Meet ertex, a company specializing in building-integrated PVs

When squeezing every inch of solar power out of your building is the target, the Austrian-based company ertex can help you go solar. This company specializes in building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) and they’ve recently completed a new project at a Gulf zoo. Read all about how ertex can help Middle East contractors go green, especially when price may not be a limit. Read about ertex here Turkey’s 143 MW Wind Plant Breaks Ground

When completed this will be Turkey’s largest wind plant and it will power 170,000 Turkish homes.Read all about Turkey and its windy opportunities here

Aga Khan Architecture Award Focuses on Muslim Communities

Have you ever heard of the Aga Khan Architecture Awards? The organization awards projects focused on the Middle East as well as novel housing and building projects that service Muslim communities worldwide. See some of the most recent shortlisted for the prize.  Read here

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Desalination is a costly way to make water. A Gulf inventor proposes a new solution at sea. READ HERE.

Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside? The UN is telling us to start eating beetles and crickets to save the planet. How do Muslims accept this recommendation? We’d like to know. COMMENT HERE.

The International Monetary Fund is saying stop! Stop the energy subsidies and we can cut greenhouse gases by 13 percent. READ HERE.

The oil nation of Kuwait has been pretty low key about getting into renewables until now. Kuwait is now preparing for the end of oil. READ HERE.

It’s 9 years away but Qatar is planning for the World Cup 2022 with green style. Here is a stadium proposal – it cools itself like a lizard. READ HERE

Moroccan grain storage building gets dressed up and turned into gorgeous civic center in a very earth-friendly (Berber) way. READ HERE

As Desertec may die an early death, the Climate Investment Fund offers billions to fuel renewables in the MENA region. READ HERE.

Flip over this “hourglass” light and the shifting sands (of time?) can provide your small lighting needs. READ HERE

Another Dubious Dubai project? This time Dubai builds the world’s largest vertical garden to feed… no-one. It’s for the water-intensive flower garden twice the size of Disneyland. READ HERE

If you have ever been in Cairo and experienced a putrid smell in the air of rancid fish, not to worry: it’s an ancient way to celebrate spring. Do you have any dreadful (or stinky?) spring rituals to share? READ and SHARE HERE

Oman creates a sustainable campus at a Tech U in Halban. Check out the gorgeous photos. CLICK HERE

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