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Business for Democracy and ASBC Lead Effort to Overturn Citizens United v. FEC

The Business for Democracy Campaign, which the American Sustainable Business Council is spearheading in partnership with Free Speech for People is tackling the compelling issue of corporate contributions to political campaigns.

The U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens United v. FEC decision on January 21, 2010 allows corporations to spend unlimited funds to support or oppose candidates for political office, overturning campaign finance laws in place for decades. The Business for Democracy campaign is an initiative of business leaders and their companies who believe this ruling is in direct conflict with American democratic principles and a serious threat to good government. The campaign supports the four members of the Supreme Court and the 80 percent of Americans who disagree with the decision (Washington Post poll, Feb. 17, 2010).

If you'd like your business to join this effort, you can sign the statement of support here or here.

“Marine Litter: Public and Private Solutions will make a change towards Blue Growth”


“Marine Litter: Public and Private Solutions will make a change towards Blue Growth”


DATE: 7th March 2013

VENUE: Av de Cortenbergh 71, Brussels, Belgium


The EU Institutions, the private sector, the fishing community, the recyclers and other stakeholders are working together to solve the problem of marine litter. In this journey all the main actors should be included: from the public institutions, the plastics industry and the fishing community until the ports, cruise liners, touristic sector and brand owners.


Meet participants from the industry and have access to Expert Knowledge


The Conference Programme will set the scene for high level discussion in a professional environment, covering expert knowledge on various aspects: position of the EU Institutions regarding marine litter and blue growth, how to improve the plastic waste collection, future equipment, regional plans to face the problem, ongoing projects and assistance to the countries.


Networking Lunch


Participants and speakers are invited to join our lunch which provides perfect networking opportunities. The lunch is included in the conference package.


·       Take a look at the conference program

·       Register NOW! (Deadline 20th of February 2013)


We are looking forward to welcoming you in Brussels!

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