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Access the Latest Customer and Corporate Energy Management Insights with the Deloitte reSources 2012 Study

June 26, 2012

Partner Announcement: Deloitte’s Nationwide reSources 2012 Study

Clean Edge and Deloitte invite you to review findings from the Deloitte reSources 2012 Study, a second annual nationwide study intended to uncover the actions that consumers, and businesses, are taking to manage their energy usage and to understand what motivates them to adopt new practices and technologies.

Charge your Business Strategy with Electricity Customer and Corporate Energy Management Insights through the Deloitte reSources 2012 Study

As a leader in advising energy companies, Deloitte, with strategy and market research firm Harrison Group, has completed its second annual U.S. study to provide insights useful in helping executives make energy-related investment and business decisions. This second nationwide study reflects Deloitte’s commitment to provide thoughtful views on significant emerging trends and developments. It does this by seeking to uncover the actions that consumers, and businesses, are taking to manage their energy usage and to understand what motivates them to adopt new practices and technologies. The study also explores generational variations relating to energy management, which provide insight into what solutions may appeal to customers in the future.

Select highlights from the business and consumer survey found:

83% of consumers took steps to reduce their electric bills over the past year.

65% say they plan to use about the same amount of electricity in the future, 28% believe less, only 8% think they will use more.

More than half of consumers would like their electric companies to invest in solar and wind, down about 10% from last year.

85% of businesses view reducing electricity costs as essential to staying competitive from a financial perspective, compared to 76% last year.

37% of companies report participating in green/renewable energy programs from their electricity providers, up seven points over last year.

The study captures two perspectives: The consumer portion is based on more than 2,200 demographically balanced online interviews. The business portion is based on one-on-one interviews with senior executives across all industries, as well as over 600 online interviews with business decision makers. High-level findings from the consumer and business surveys are now available. Read on to sample what the survey has revealed about emerging practices and the attitudes that consumers and businesses have towards energy consumption, provider choice, and perceptions of their energy providers.

Regions, demographics, and more…

The Deloitte reSources 2012 Study also gauges interest, perception and receptiveness across regions and demographics regarding:

Tactics for managing energy consumption—electricity, natural gas and transportation fleet

Measurement, verification and reporting processes

Alternative and renewable energy choices

Smart technologies

For more information on obtaining the study results or to schedule a meeting to discuss the more detailed findings, please visit www.deloitte.com/us/resources.


About the Deloitte Center for Energy Solutions
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