Tuesday January 17th 2017

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Hazel Henderson @ Rio + 20: Green Energy for a Green Economy

Tue. 19 June: 17:30
Venue: RioCentro
Room: T-5  

How to assess national energy policies to ensure that they contribute to low-carbon strategies and ecodevelopment under fluctuating weather conditions.

How markets can be harnessed to promote use low-carbon, renewable energy.

How sustainable energy access and transition to renewable energy can contribute to a green economy in the South and North.


  • Maryse Labriet (HELIO, ENERIS)
  • Hazel Henderson (Ethical Markets)
  • Gunnar Boye-Olesen (INFORSE-Europe)
  • Raymond Myles (INFORSE-South Asia)
  • Michel Takam (ADEID)
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