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Business Summit for a Sustainable Economy

New speakers are confirmed for the White House meetings and panels including; Richard Kaufman, Sr. Advisor to Energy Secretary Chu; Shelly Poticha, Director of Sustainable Housing and Communities; Dr. David Michaels, Director of OSHA; Jeanne Hulit, SBA; Jonathan Greenblatt, Director of White House Office of Social Innovation and Civic Engagement; [...]

Media Literacy Education News from NAMLE

NAMLE is pleased to announce our upcoming conference on July 12-13, 2013 in Los Angeles! The theme: "Intersections: Teaching and Learning Across Media." Dedicated to bringing together a broad array of stakeholders in media literacy education, NAMLE chose this theme due to our interest in crossing traditionally held boundaries to connect [...]

Naval crowdsourcing; virus power; the maker movement

Click here for the SmartPlanet Weekly  newsletter Designing better products for an aging global population HONG KONG -- The world is growing old at an unprecedented rate, and businesses are paying attention. Read the full story

Bailout: the Dukes of Moral Hazard

official movie trailer  http://vimeo.com/21449558 interview of movie makers by Dylan Ratigan of MSNBC  http://www.realecontv.com/videos/banking-malfeasance/bailout-dylan-ratigan-interviews-the-movie-makers.html Fed up with corrupt “bail-out” banks trying to foreclose on them, five Chicagoans drive to Vegas with stacks of cash [...]

Occupy Wall Street Updates for the Week of May 23

Last weekend, scores of occupiers took buses from New York to Chicago to join thousands of people from the social justice movement, peace advocates, occupiers, students, and labor to face the forces of the self-appointed world police: NATO. The demonstrators protested the culture of militarism, war, and oppression pursued by NATO, by creatively [...]

Jamie Dimon And The Legitimacy Of The Federal Reserve System

Click for the article on the Baseline Scenario Posted: 24 May 2012 05:13 AM PDT By Simon Johnson There are two diametrically opposed views of how the largest financial companies in our economy operate. On the one hand, there are those like Charles Ferguson, director of the Academy Award-winning documentary “Inside Job” and author of [...]

Frank and Levin Call on Administration to Clarify Position on Capital Controls

WASHINGTON -- Congressman Barney Frank, Ranking Member of the House Committee on Financial Services, and Congressman Sander Levin, Ranking Member of the House Committee on Ways and Means, today released a letter to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, expressing concern over future U.S. free trade agreements if the very important subject of [...]

GEA International Showcase 2012 highlights U.S. leadership in Geothermal Global Market

Conference brings together record number of geothermal industry and policy leaders for dialogue on international business opportunities WASHINGTON, D.C. (May 24, 2012)—This week, more than 250 geothermal industry and policy leaders gathered in Washington D.C. for the GEA International Geothermal Energy Showcase 2012. Discussion focused on the [...]

Co-operative money and banking systems: Back to the Future

Co-operative money and banking systems: Back to the Future

Pat Conaty - Co-operatives UK New attempts to introduce local money systems can be seen with every serious recession or depression over the past two centuries. The 1820s, 1840s, 1870s, 1890s, 1930s and 1980s all kicked off monetary reform action – sometimes just confined to the locality level but considered during the 1870s and 1930s at the [...]

News from Apple & BMW; Plus a look at Sustainability and Big Data from SAP’s Scott Bolick

How Big Data Will Help Achieve Sustainability Goals  As we look at Big Data through the lens of energy and sustainable operations, the questions are obvious. How do we harness this data to run businesses more sustainably and profitably? How will this data explosion enable new strategies? What are the technology trends underpinning our ability to [...]

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