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ENB Vol. 27 No. 29 – Second Round of ‘Informal-Informal’ Negotiations on the zero draft of outcome document of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development – Issue #5

UNCSD INFORMAL CONSULTATIONS: FRIDAY 27, April 2012 On Friday, delegates continued informal negotiations on the draft outcome document for the UNCSD. WG1 completed its first reading on Section V (Framework for Action) in morning and afternoon sessions. WG2 continued discussions on Section IV (IFSD), and exchanged views on IFSD reform options [...]

Opening the Broadcasters’ Books

News of the movement for April 27, 2012 Media Policy at the FCC Opening the Broadcasters' Books TV stations have been making a lot more money from campaign ads since the Supreme Court helped lift the limits on contributions to political groups. The public, though, has been kept in the dark about how much these groups and so-called Super [...]

AT&T Shareholder Vote on Net Neutrality Surpasses Critical Threshold

For Immediate Release April 27, 2012 Shares worth more than $11.4 billion voted in favor; Similar votes upcoming at Verizon and Sprint A shareholder proposal calling upon AT&T Inc. (NYSE - T) to publicly commit to network neutrality principles on its wireless networks attracted important support in initial voting results released [...]

May Day Statement–Governments must act for a sustainable and equitable recovery

Governments must act for a sustainable and equitable recovery It is more than five years since the financial crisis hit, followed rapidly by a larger economic crisis. This economic earthquake exposed the dangers of financialisation; of having the real economy subservient to finance; and of two decades of growing inequality. The resulting shock [...]

Frontline’s Astonishing Whitewash of the Crisis

'YVES SMITH NAILS FRONTLINE!' Friday, April 27, 2012 Frontline’s Astonishing Whitewash of the Crisis Several of my savviest readers wrote expressing disappointment and consternation with the Frontline series on the crisis, “Money, Power, and Wall Street.” The first two parts of the four part series have been released, and it’s [...]

How to Create Resilient Agriculture

How to create resilient agriculture Food security is critical to the mission of Rio+20, writes Gordon Conway, Imperial College London. The threats are numerous: repeated food price spikes; shortages of good-quality land and water; rising energy energy and fertiliser prices; and the consequences of climate change... More Livelihoods, water [...]

Growing Green and Decent Jobs

Growing Green and Decent Jobs This is the third in a series of messages we will be sending to keep you up to date on the plans we have put together for the upcoming UN Conference on Sustainable Development - Rio+20, as well as our own associated event - The Trade Union Assembly on Labour and Environment (11-13 June). Unions are represented [...]

UN Highlights Importance of Investing in Initiatives That Support Sustainable Fishing

UN HIGHLIGHTS IMPORTANCE OF INVESTING IN INITIATIVES THAT SUPPORT SUSTAINABLE FISHING New York, Apr 26 2012 4:05PM The United Nations today highlighted the importance of investing in initiatives that seek to tackle overfishing and protect marine biodiversity, as well as inform consumers of the benefits of buying sustainable fish [...]

Tendril Takes “Apps Store for Energy” Concept to the Netherlands

GTM GRID WEEKLY | Thursday, April 26, 2012 Tendril Takes “Apps Store for Energy” Concept to the Netherlands Tendril and Dutch retail utility Essent open APIs and smart meter data to apps developers and hackathons. Guest Post: Three Areas Where Data Matters for Building Efficiency Data—combined with software to make sense of it [...]

Chinese banks report on sustainability in 2011

SUSTAINABILITY IN CHINA’S FINANCIAL SECTOR 1. Chinese banks report on sustainability in 2011 As of mid-April, at least ten major Chinese banks had issued corporate social responsibility reports for 2011. These include Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Merchants Bank, Bank of Communications, Hua Xia Bank, China [...]

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