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Lessons of Crisis: Tomas Sedlacek: Economics Without Morality is Doomed

Ethical Markets thanks Advisory Board member, Ambassador Frank Bracho (former Venezuelan Ambassador to India), for finding this gem, Editor, Hazel Henderson http://www.spiegel.de/international/business/0,1518,druck-822981,00.html 03/23/2012 05:45 PM SPIEGEL Interview with Tomas Sedlacek 'Greed is the Beginning of Everything' In a [...]


3rd Renewable Energy Finance Forum April 30 - May 01, 2012 Sheraton Centre Toronto Toronto, Canada

Disclosure of Payments for Federal and State Lobbying, Trade Associations and ALEC

Shareholder Initiative: More than 40 investors filed shareholder resolutions at 40 corporations asking them to report on lobbying expenditures, including indirect funding of lobbying through trade associations. 22 of these proposals are expected to go to a vote at annual stockholder meetings in Spring 2012. What the proposal asks for: • [...]

Corporate Disclosure of Lobbying Activities and Expenditures

April 2012 Corporate Disclosure of Lobbying Activities and Expenditures A Progress Report on the 2012 Proxy Season In 2011, the AFSCME Employee Pension Plan filed eight shareholder proposals asking for companies to disclose their lobbying activities. The proposal did well as a first year proposal, averaging more than 24% at the five [...]

Envision Solar Announces Major Business Development Event

Disclaimer: for full disclosure, Ethical Markets principals are investors in Envision Solar, Hazel Henderson, Editor Envision Solar Announces Major Business Development Event, 2011 Results and Significant Debt Reduction Gross margin profitability for 2011, a further $1M in debt reduction and a Fortune 10 company signs a major LOI San [...]

UN-Backed Study Shows Technology Can Help World Move to Low-Carbon Economy

UN-BACKED STUDY SHOWS TECHNOLOGY CAN HELP WORLD MOVE TO LOW-CARBON ECONOMY New York, Apr 2 2012 3:05PM The use of broadband in information and communication technology (ICT) can help the world transition to a low carbon-economy and address the causes and effects of climate change, according to a United Nations-backed report report. ?We [...]

Oh Canada! Imposing Austerity on the World’s Most Resource-rich Country

Oh Canada! Imposing Austerity on the World’s Most Resource-rich Country Ellen Brown Webofdebt.com/articles April 1, 2012 Even the world’s most resource-rich country has now been caught in the debt trap. Its once-proud government programs are being subjected to radical budget cuts—cuts that could have been avoided if the government had [...]

Ban: New Economic Paradigm Needed, Incorporating Social and Environmental Progress

BAN: NEW ECONOMIC PARADIGM NEEDED, INCORPORATING SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRESS New York, Apr 2 2012 2:05PM Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today highlighted the need for an economic paradigm that incorporates social and environmental progress in efforts to achieve sustainable development. ?Gross National Product (GDP) has long been the [...]

Planet under Pressure conference, London, issues final statement

Embargo: Thursday, March 29, 2012 04:15 EDT / 08:15 GMT / 09:15 British Summer Time Attached is the final conference statement from the 4-day Planet under Pressure conference, London. Live audio stream of the concluding news conference starts at 10:15 GMT (11:15 British Summer Time) , Thursday March [...]

Greentech Media Announces COO of Oncor to Keynote Networked Grid Conference

April 2, 2012 LATEST NEWS: GTM Update Smart Grid Greentech Media Announces COO of Oncor to Keynote Networked Grid Conference Staff - March 31, 2012 Smart grid event hosts speakers from top North American electric utilities. News Solar Suntech’s John Lefebvre on Solar in the Americas Eric Wesoff - March 30, 2012 An update from the [...]

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