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Mexico passes tough Climate Law: can you hear “nyah nyah USA”?

Mexico passes tough Climate Law: can you hear “nyah nyah USA”? / IaDB CC head argues for 2Gt p.c. C&C / China $476m wind bond / $25m WB Green Bond / DBSA gets Sth African green dvlpt fund job (climate bonds in mix?) / Adventures of a Climate Bonds actuary in Tajikistan

Posted on 20. Apr, 2012 by Sean Kidney in blog

> Sitting deep in Washington DC’s Inter-American Development Bank (IaDB) HQ this week, at a forum on national development banks and climate change, I heard the IaDB’s climate change head, Walter Vergara talking about Latin America’s huge adaptation as well as mitigation challenge. He noted that the world has to urgently get down to no more than to 2Gt emissions per capita quickly – and of course, that the US is still at 25Gt, and the EU at 15. “I subscribe to the view of contraction and convergence” he said. (My friend Aubrey Meyer, the lone wolf originator of the approach, will be pleased to hear that from a big bank.)

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