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Moving Beyond the Secrets of the Economic Battlefield: A Systemic View

Moving Beyond the Secrets of the Economic Battlefield: A Systemic View

By Lavinia Weissman, January 22, 2012

Excerpted from the full post at www.thestoryofmeaningfuluse.com.
Available in Portuguese at www.mercadoetico.com.br.

We seek only to give words to those who cannot speak (too may women in too many countries). I seek only to forget the sorrows of my grandmother’s silence.
– Anasuya Sengupta

Last week, I offered a post on a private listserv, “Walking About Rather than Walking From,” focusing on a more personal experience with respect to how women cope with the realization that they have no choice but to walk away from dysfunctional employment and other related activities and what that implies.

This article is a second installment to that reflective inquiry from a more systemic view of women’s participation in the workforce.

Part 2- A Systemic View – When Walking Away is Your Only Alternative

It has been 30 years since, Gro Harlem Brundtland, M.D., launched the sustainability movement by convening the Brundtland Commission Inquiry in cooperation with the United Nations. One of the world’s most remarkable female leaders, Dr. Brundtland is the former prime minister of Norway and former Executive Director of the World Health Organization and continues her work out of the United Nations community to this day.

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