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International Green Growth Dialogue – Recent Green Growth events

OECD Date Event Place 13 July Southeast Asian Economic Outlook 2011 Seminar. Paris 8 July Conference open to the media on Local and regional strategies to relaunch economic and employment development, organised by the OECD LEED Trento Centre. Trento, Italy 6-8 July New Directions in Welfare [...]

Press Release: Oil transparency must underpin negotiations over Libya’s future

---from BankTrack member Global Witness--- London, 31st August, Transparency of Libya’s oil wealth must be a key priority of Thursday’s negotiations over the country’s future, said Global Witness today. The meeting, which is to be co-chaired by UK Prime Minister David Cameron and France’s President, Nicholas Sarkozy, could mark [...]

Statement on NLRB Decision to Restore Fair Voluntary Recognition Process

Washington, DC — Today, American Rights at Work Executive Director Kimberly Freeman Brown issued the following statement in response to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) decision in Lamons Gasket Co, which overturns the rules for voluntary recognition established in Dana Corp. (2007). By doing away with a ban on decertification or [...]

Lighting Science’s $15 LED Bulb: Four Reasons Why LEDs Are the New PCs

Lighting Science’s $15 LED Bulb: Four Reasons Why LEDs Are the New PCs Horizontalization isn’t a word, but you know what is means. Update: 1 GW of Utility-Scale Storage From Rubenius Ambitious and massive battery deployment for grid-scale storage still in planning stages. What Are Municipal Utilities Planning in Terms of Smart Grid [...]

Airlines & the carbon market – who will be hardest hit?

The EU’s decision to regulate all airlines flying into or out of the 27-nation bloc under its Emissions Trading System (ETS) from January next year has met fierce opposition from many airlines. They warn of a substantial additional cost burden, a loss of competitiveness, and even a trade war with China. Other observers say the initial cost [...]

Hundreds Arrested in Sustained Tar Sands Protests at White House | Speculation Drives Up Coffee Prices

  Hundreds Arrested in Sustained Tar Sands Protests at White House Protests demand Obama use veto power to halt proposed expansion of Keystone XL pipeline that would carry tar sands oil from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico Go to story | Go to [...]

Honoring Stetson Kennedy

Honoring Stetson Kennedy

We at Ethical Markets Media mourn the passing of our courageous, brilliant friend Stetson Kennedy.  As we celebrate his enormous contribution to his country and the world, we call for greater recognition of this great soul.  While Stetson Kennedy fearlessly addressed the issues of our time, confronting racism, bigotry and ignorance, he also [...]

Agriculture’s Missing Ingredient: Efficiency

Guest Post: Agriculture’s Missing Ingredient: Efficiency Agriculture faces a looming crisis, but a host of bio-based solutions could come to the rescue, argues Martin Brown. How Did Wind Beat the Price of Natural Gas in Brazil? In one of the world’s major oil and gas producing nations, what is wind doing so right? U.S. Solar Industry [...]

How-to Guide for Fixing America’s Banks

How-to Guide for Fixing America’s Banks

Posted: 28 Aug 2011 12:00 PM PDT   This week’s Washington Post column is (finally) out, and its a look at the Buffett’s bailout of Bank of America, and what it means for the overall financial systems. “Many investors assumed the Wall Street bailouts of Bank of America and the other big banks more or less healed the sector. [...]

Babcock Foundation Report on CDFI Growth and Sustainability

The Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation in Winston-Salem, NC, recently commissioned and published Community Development Financial Institutions: A Study on Growth and Sustainability, featuring input from the leaders of more than a dozen local, regional and national CDFIs working in the Southeast.   The report considers the Aspen Institute’s [...]

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