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Conference on Certification Consumption and Change

Ethical Markets Media correspondent and director of communications Melanie Feliciano will be covering the D.C. CERTIFICATION CONSUMPTION AND CHANGE conference in Washington, DC, May 24, 2011.

This is an international convening of thought-leaders and practitioners working on ethical certification, bringing together 150 thought leaders from social enterprises, leading brands and certifying bodies for a day of thought-provoking panel discussions concerning the future of certification.  Attendees will discover technology trends that are reshaping the face of certification, engage in lively debate with academics and practitioners, examine innovative case studies and contribute to the discussion that will define certification in the 21st Century.

As greenwashing becomes more of an issue, members of the certification community have a vested interested in maintaining and advancing credibility.  Newcomers such as our colleagues at B Corp have to prove their place beside long-established GreenSeal, founded by Ethical Markets Advisory Board member Rena Shulsky David (CEO Dr. Arthur Weissman will be presenting in DC).  This gathering is a step toward clarifying the role of certification as a business tool.

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