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UK businesses sitting on £6bn energy efficiency gold mine: study

A report from Carbon Connect, Energy Efficiency: The Untapped Business Opportunity

1 March 2011

The private sector is sitting on an untapped opportunity in the
energy efficiency space that could save UK businesses up to
£6bn a year, according to a Carbon Connect report launched by
UK Energy and Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne MP.
Huhne has lent his backing to the study, which suggests that energy
efficiency could save businesses costs as well as safeguarding fuel
security and of course, cutting carbon.
The latest report from Carbon Connect, Energy Efficiency: The Untapped Business Opportunity,
has garnered cross-party and private sector backing, identifying policy measures to increase
energy efficiency and ultimately enable businesses to retain capital.
Huhne said, ‘Energy efficiency can save businesses money as the report’s incontrovertible findings
show. Businesses can pioneer energy saving.

‘Energy efficiency is an untapped opportunity for all UK businesses, whatever their size. By saving
energy, businesses can slash overheads and boost the bottom line. What’s more, by cutting carbon,
the private sector can play its part in reducing the UK’s emissions.’

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