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Year-End Reading – Wind’s Future Ally: Better Transmission; Grid interconnections will let turbines compete with coal plants

NewEnergyNews Daily Headlines click here for main page: http://www.NewEnergyNews.net/ TODAY @ NewEnergyNews, 12-30: For year-end reading, NewEnergyNews is this week posting some of its best original reporting (not previously posted here) from 2010. Today, some stories about what one expert recently called the “glass ceiling” for New [...]

Hopes for New PV and Solar Technology in 2011

Hopes for New PV and Solar Technology in 2011 New technologies finally getting to market at scale? A New Source of Oil: Old Carpet Will 2011 be the year of the garbage pile? Wind’s 2010 Top Ten: Bust and Building, Coming and Going Uncertainty is the word for 2010 but wind has many ways forward. January PVNews: India, Analyst [...]

‘Green’ Schools Flourish in Porto Alegre

Clarinha Glock* - Tierramérica RIO DE JANEIRO, Dec 23 (IPS) - Living sustainably can be learned. That is the idea championed by two schools in the southern Brazilian city of Porto Alegre, where students are learning to become environmental citizens of the new millennium. At the João XXIII School, it was the H1N1 flu alarm that prompted a [...]

Antibiotic cocktails harmful to freshwater bacteria

Antibiotic cocktails harmful to freshwater bacteria New research has indicated that, at its current levels in the environment, a commonly used antibiotic (chlortetracycline) is toxic to freshwater bacteria. Moreover, when combined with four other antibiotics, the collective effect is greater than the sum of the individual [...]

The Road from Cancún

Returning from the UN Climate Conference in Cancún last week, Worldwatch President Christopher Flavin shared his thoughts on the best path forward for international climate negotiations. Flavin called for a focus on immediate and practical steps rather than the comprehensive global agreement that has been the mainstay of negotiations to date, and [...]

IMF Make Room For Younger Powers

By Jo Marie Griesgraber, Executive Director, New Rules for Global Finance Governors of central banks and finance ministers around the world who constitute the board of governors of the IMF are voting today on the 2010 IMF Governance Reform program, approved first by the G20 Finance Ministers, then by the executive board of the IMF. At stake [...]

Tamera Newsletter December 2010

GOOD NEWS FROM EUROPE!, Hazel Henderson, Editor Tamera Newsletter December 2010 Dear Friends of Tamera, The world is in turmoil. Wikileaks has released files which show the world the dark side of our well polished democracies and the weakness inherent in the lack of transparency in our systems. The people in power are indignant. Millions [...]

The World’s Most Efficient Green Technology?

The World’s Most Efficient Green Technology? The third part of our interview with Art Rosenfeld. The subject? White roofs. Ready Solar (Jigar Shah, Chairman) Acquired By SunEdison? Solar integrator sold. Lawsuits abound. Update: $50M Funding Round for SolFocus CPV Investors are betting that 2011 could be the year for Concentrating PV. [...]

Yochai Benkler on open source (media) economics

Yochai Benkler on open source (media) economics Not a new presentation, but this TED performance by Yochai Benkler is still very much worth seeing as an introduction: The twelve basic trends of the p2p economy According to the Symbionomics project, these are the twelve basic trends: (I adapted the titles somewhat and added links) * In [...]

FCC Net Neutrality Order a ‘Squandered Opportunity’

Free Press: FCC Net Neutrality Order a 'Squandered Opportunity' We are deeply disappointed that the chairman chose to ignore the overwhelming public support for real Net Neutrality, instead moving forward with industry-written rules that will for the first time in Internet history allow discrimination online. This proceeding was a squandered [...]

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