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EMM congratulates The Story of Bottled Water, the 2010 winner of the EthicMark® Award

EMM congratulates The Story of Bottled Water, the 2010 winner of the EthicMark® Award

Ethical Markets Media congratulates The Story of Bottled Water, the 2010 winner of the EthicMark® Award Saint Augustine, FL, November 18, 2010 – Ethical Markets Media congratulates The Story of Bottled Water, the 2010 winner of the EthicMark® Award which recognizes socially responsible media campaigns by businesses, non-profit organizations [...]

Building Sustainability into Adaptation Projects: Module of Four Online Courses

CSDi is announcing the September launch of a module of four online field courses on Adaptation to Climate Change. These courses begin by introducing basic climate change concepts, and develop as participants identify local community vulnerabilities, investigate appropriate solutions, develop full projects, launch and manage them. We are committed [...]

Macro-economic models need to widen their perspective

The recent recession has prompted the adoption of 'return to growth' policies but the tools used to assess growth often have a narrow economic focus. A new report has assessed current macro-economic models and suggests they need to incorporate the impact that environmental factors can have on the economy, and vice versa, and recommends they should [...]

Opportunities For Development In Brazil

December 2, 2010 West Palm Beach, Florida Meet Top Brazilian Officials,Developers, Engineers,Architects,Builders,Manufacturers and Real Estate Professionals Special Address From GEC Brazilian President Leandro Carraro Have Your Company Present On How You Can Help Brazil Meet Their Development Goals For The 2014 World Cup and the    [...]

India continues renewable energy mission with solar contracts

23 November 2010 NewNet Clean Energy Investor Newsletter DEALS NEWS Lloyds’ low carbon loan scheme welcomed by Sabien Technology Neo Solar Power signs supply contracts with Osung and Hankook Southern California Edison signs for 259MW of renewable power Click here for the newsletter...

Natural Gas and Renewable Fuels: Competitors, Collaborators or Both?

This webinar is presented by the USAEE and ACORE Both natural gas and renewable fuels are expected to provide a significantly increasing share of US electricity due to increasing environmental pressures on coal. In one sense, promoters of natural gas and promoters of renewables will be key competitors vying to provide electricity to customers. [...]

ITUC Online – What Do We Want in Cancun? Just Transition NOW!

Brussels, 22 November 2010 (ITUC OnLine): In less than a week, negotiations around climate change will recommence, aiming at reviving the shaky flame left by the disappointing meeting in Copenhagen last year. “Climate change remains an overriding priority for all our futures; we cannot afford to let pessimism prevail”, said Sharan Burrow, [...]

What’s Really Behind QE2?

More Good Sense from Ellen Brown.  Let's Hope the US Can Really Focus on Direct Job -Creation  : for a start , to rebuild our infrastructure , invest in our  growing green sectors,  prevent  company subsidies to outsourcing and  curb the money leaving our country through Wall Street's carry trade.  - Hazel Henderson, Editor The deficit [...]

Fixing The US Budget – Straightforward Or The Hardest Problem On Earth?

By Simon Johnson The conventional wisdom is that we face a serious budget problem, ballooning debt and political deadlock that prevents any semblance of progress either in the short term or over the next 20 years. “The sky is falling — cut everyone’s wages, slash Social Security, buy gold!” summarizes the mood of this midterm moment. [...]

‘A GRAND CHINESE CLIMATE SCHEME’ – the first paper in the “Risoe DTU Climate Paper Series”


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