Wednesday January 18th 2017

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Ethical Markets Leads the Field – while many talk about greening the economy, few have asked the important questions that will lead governments and institutional investors to substantially redirect funds and efforts toward emerging green technologies.

“What would it take of the world’s financial resources to accelerate the green transition?”

“Where are the strides already being made?”

“How much is being invested privately?”

“How far have we come?”

Hazel Henderson, renowned futurist, thought to ask the questions and knew exactly where to go for the answers.

Hazel Henderson D.Sc.Hon, FRSA – Hazel has been tracking green technologies since she advised the U.S. Congress Office of Technology Assessment, the National Science Foundation and the National Academy of Engineering, beginning in the 1970s.  She predicted their emergence and created the new scorecards and accounting models that would show that green technologies using the Earth’s daily “income” of solar energy and renewable use of resources would lead to long-term sustainability and more equitable human development.

From Creating Alternative Futures (1978) to Politics of the Solar Age (1981, 1988),  Paradigms in Progress (1991) and Building a Win-Win World (1996), Hazel has been showing “the lunacy of many currently accepted economic practices. She points the way to viable solutions to our most pressing problems” (Riane Eisler, author, Real Wealth of Nations).

Her 2006 book Ethical Markets: Growing the Green Economy won Axiom and Nautilus awards for best business book, indicating the degree of her authority and the high esteem with which she is held in following and reporting on the positive trends to come out of years of environmental neglect.

Daily Tracking – unlike other media organizations, Ethical Markets focuses on finding the best reports, newsletters, research, conferences and experts providing information and insights to growing green economy.  Hazel, a forty year veteran in the field who foresaw the green transition, personally vets and analyzes daily content from the web which is posted to www.ethicalmarkets.com and compiled for research.

Collaboration Network – the value of information-sharing and cooperation, based on mutual respect are hallmarks of the more cooperative information – richer, green sectors – described by Hazel and in Don Tapscott’s Wikinomics (2009).  Forty years of foresight, insight and integrity, uniquely positions Ethical Markets to be on a first name basis with hundreds of leaders from businesses, non-profits, academia and trade unions.  Ethical Markets is linked with UN agencies, the EU and Brazilian and Chinese counterparts, SRI investors and inventors, ethical advertisers, community organizers, Wall Street reformers, policy makers and all advocates working toward the green transition.

Research Team – the Green Transition Scoreboard® was created by Hazel in her role as one of the global vice-chairs of the Climate Prosperity Alliance, founded by Dr. Marc Weiss, CEO of Global Urban Development.  Ethical Markets Media Executive Director Rosalinda Sanquiche, MA, Environmental and Resource Policy, George Washington University, coordinates the research project.  Our Senior Advisor and Director of Sustainability Research, Timothy Jack Nash, MSc, Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden, draws on Ethical Markets Media’s daily collating of green economy news from worldwide sources with hands-on research in collaboration with Cleantech, New Energy News, CSR China, REN 21 and many other Ethical Markets Media partners reporting on the green transition around the world.  Overall guidance is provided by Hazel with real-time analysis and synthesis of studies on the green transition.  Using Hazel’s hundreds of connections to those in all sectors of the global green economy, Tim and Rosalinda are uniquely positioned to use their years of research experience and cross-organization collaboration to compile the most accurate findings available.

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