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New GTM Research Report: US Smart Grid Market Forecast: 2010-2015

GTM Research's latest report, US Smart Grid Market Forecast: 2010–2015 is now available for purchase! This report examines the evolving issues of the Smart Grid industry. GTM Research's analysis includes the most critical market trends, a detailed forecast of the market over the next five years, and provides an update of our Smart Grid Vendor [...]

In Era of Climate Change and Water Scarcity, Meeting National Energy Demand Confronts Major Impediments

Dear colleagues, I wanted to draw your attention to the culmination of Circle of Blue's important two month long investigative series chronicling the tightening conflict — the choke point — between declining freshwater supplies and rising energy demand. Today we publish another in the series that finds: Unless the United States plans [...]

From the Gulf Disaster to Inside Your Car

From the Gulf Disaster to Inside Your Car GM is taking oil absorbers from the Gulf and turning them into car pars. Old bumpers too. Mixed Greens: GE Links with Better Place, Fallbrook Goes Automotive and More Another day, another alliance for GE. (more…)

Demand for CSR drives record attendance at Summit

Demand for CSR drives record attendance at Summit by Angel Ng Over 400 CSR practitioners and thought-leaders from around the globe gathered at the CSR Asia Summit held on 14-15 September 2010 in Hong Kong to exchange ideas on key CSR issues and strategies in the Asia-Pacific region. The CSR Asia Summit is the flagship event of CSR Asia, and [...]

British insurers call for green bonds

Responsible Investor journal reported last week that Alain Dromer, the new chairman of the the Association of British Insurers Investment Committee, had called for the re-activation of the securitisation markets to help develop environmental investment opportunities. Absolutely right. “We want to work with the government to develop the right [...]

Boletín IARSE nº 184

Grupo Arcor: Primera compañía argentina que ingresa al mercado voluntario de bonos de carbono La empresa desarrolló un proyecto de eficiencia energética en el ingenio La Providencia, en la localidad tucumana de Río Seco. Mediante la iniciativa, denominada "Uso de bagazo para la generación de vapor de proceso", consiguió que el modelo [...]

The Top Ten VCs in Smart Grid

Can Consumers Be Convinced to Conserve? And should they be in control, or should the home be automated? Two Billion Cars and the Hope of Zero-Emission Vehicles Work progresses on vehicles and fuels, but how do we change driving behavior and lower vehicle miles? (more…)

Civilization’s Foundation Eroding

www.earth-policy.org/index.php?/book_bytes/2010/pb4ch02_ss2 By Lester R. Brown Earth Policy Release Book Byte The thin layer of topsoil that covers the planet's land surface is the foundation of civilization. This soil, typically 6 inches or so deep, was formed over long stretches of geological time as new soil formation exceeded the [...]

Exploring Happiness by Sissela Bok, Yale University Press 2010

Exploring Happiness by Sissela Bok, Yale University Press 2010

Review by Hazel Henderson © 2010 This deeply researched and profoundly enjoyable book gets to the heart of the new intellectual fashions in studying human happiness. Sissela Bok's breathtaking tour of history and cultures from antiquity to today's brain science is quite the best grounding needed by any serious researcher into this tricky [...]

Basel III: Tightening the Noose on Credit

Ellen Brown, Ethical Markets Media Advisory Board, www.webofdebt.com/articles, September 16, 2010 The stock market shot up on September 13, after new banking regulations were announced called Basel III. Wall Street breathed a sigh of relief. The megabanks, propped up by generous taxpayer bailouts, would have no trouble meeting the new capital [...]

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