Friday December 2nd 2016

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The Tesla IPO – GTM Daily

The Tesla IPO: Gentlemen, Start Your Electric Motors (Updated 8:15AM PST)
Will institutional investors back a lossy luxury car vendor? Even one that “will kick the ass of any Ferrari except the Enzo”?

Gulf Shrimp Oil-Tainted? Grow Them in the Pacific
BP’s oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico will impact the shrimp sector, but an alternative way to cultivate large, tasty and less expensive shrimp may be emerging.

Some random cleantech VC thoughts and aphorisms

Ed Lu Leaves Google
He’s going to write a book about his experiences in space.

Are Fossil Fuels Really Cheaper than Renewables?
“It is unfair to compare the first solar plant to the one hundred thousandth coal plant.”

Natural Gas Seen as Key in a Carbon-Constrained Future
Natural gas will be a stepping stone to a new energy economy, according to a new MIT study.

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