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Kaufman, in Senate Floor Speech, Says Only Breaking Apart Mega-Banks Will End Problem of “Too Big to Fail”

We thank Senator Kaufman for his Leadership! - Ed. In a March 26 speech, Sen. Kaufman takes on the critical issue of banks that are “too big to fail” and whether it is adequately addressed in the Senate’s current financial reform legislation. His conclusion: Congress must erect statutory walls between commercial and investment banks or [...]


NEWS HEADLINES: MARCH 29TH, 2010 › UK mulls mandatory disclosure of institutional share voting Click here to read the newsletter...

NewNet Clean Energy Investor Newsletter

30 March 2010 DEALS NEWS... Entech Solar sells $1.5m of preferred stock to The Quercus Trust SunPower to offer $200m senior cash convertible debentures Click here to read the newsletter...

The Baseline Scenario: Who Will Tell The President? Paul Volcker

More Good Sense from Simon Johnson. - Ed. Posted: 28 Mar 2010 03:18 AM PDT By Simon Johnson: link to NPR radio interview (and book excerpt) on how 13 Bankers got their hands on so much political and economic power - and why this spells serious danger for the rest of us. Against all the odds, a glimmer of hope for real financial reform [...]

Sustainable Business Weekly

Outsourcing Your Image Even as companies go through great lengths to protect their image and brand, they may not realize that their partners can be an asset – or a liability. Toyota's recent troubles illustrate this point well. Read more...

Invitation to “Friends of the Earth – Europe”seminar on 40% emission cuts on April 27th in the EP

An invitation from our European friends  promoting Climate Prosperity  to attend a European Parliament Event  - Hazel Henderson, Ed.  and  co-organizer of the BEYOND GDP conference there in 2007 Here an invitation of the Friends of the Earth - Europe (Foe-e) to a presentation of a -40% European energy scenario for 2020 (only domestic) [...]

Jacksonville Green Expo: May 15-16, 2010, sponsored by Global GreenUp

I'll be speaking in Jacksonville in May, addressing the concepts of investing and profit beyond a dollar return on investment.  Profit will be explored in terms of quality of life, and investing will be explored as contributions to the community that improve the environment and strengthen the local economic structure.  When we make a local [...]

NewNet Clean Energy Investor Newsletter

26 March 2010 DEALS NEWS... Lockheed Martin sees government support as critical to ocean energy technology Sustainable chemicals company Genomatica raises $15m Intel Capital invests in Indian smart grid Iberdrola projects investments of €18bn between 2010 and 2012 Click here for the newsletter...

Change We Seek Newsletter, Q1 2010

Our message has never been more resonant and timely. Current events present a unique opportunity to redefine success in business. We've taken great strides together and continue to build awareness of our collective work: CNN Money Video Forbes Article NPR Audio Feature Click here for the newsletter...

Sustainable Financial Markets: Long Finance Movement

Ideas for Reform from a British, Market-Friendly Perspective. - Hazel Henderson,  Ed Posted: 23 Mar 2010 07:31 PM PDT NSFM participant Prof Michael Mainelli is pushing forward ideas very compatible with NSFM core beliefs in a new project called the “Long Finance” Movement - see http://www.longfinance.net for more details. The [...]

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