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» The Latest Green IT News: Inside IBM’s Pulse 2010, Green Design Guide from IT Giants, and More…

» Featured News: Working with Your IT Vendors to Go on a Packaging Diet
» GreenBiz Radio: Growing Money on Trees

The Green IT Perspective

By Matthew Wheeland

I spent the early part of this week in Las Vegas at the third annual IBM Pulse 2010 event — it was my first time at the event, and even though it was singularly designed to promote the company’s Tivoli and Rational software and how they can help create the Smarter Planet, I came away impressed at the scope and depth of the company’s initiatives.

In addition to showcasing initiatives around the world that aim to boost efficiency in everything from traffic to sewers, casinos to municipalities, what struck me about the conference is that, unlike most IT events I attend, green IT — or at the least, green business practices — was baked in to every event, rather than shunted off to a sparsely attended “green track.” You can read my writeup of Pulse 2010 here: “The Smart, Connected Planet is at the Heart of IBM’s Pulse 2010.”

We’ve also got a great article this week from Claudia Girrbach, a senior director in Gap’s IT department. It’s a bit off the beaten path for what we cover, but it is sure to have relevance for anyone who’s ever opened a huge box shipped from an IT vendor, only to find it 80 percent full of padding, with just 20 percent product. “How to Work with Your Vendors to Go on a Packaging Diet” offers three simple steps to cutting the waste out of your IT shipments.

The Latest News
The Smart, Connected Planet is at the Heart of IBM’s Pulse 2010
By Matthew Wheeland

The kickoff to IBM’s third-annual Pulse expo showcased how the company has its eyes on making the world’s cities connected, automated and efficient, through hardware and software innovations and new partnerships with Johnson Controls and Ricoh…. Read More

IT Giants Publish New Design Tools to Wake PCs Instantly from Sleep

Sprint Dials In New Green Design Scorecard and Recycling Program

Can Facebook’s Data Center be Green if it Runs on Coal?

Hitachi Consulting, Autodesk Zap Carbon with SAP

Asian Data Centers to Continue Energy-Guzzling Ways?

Featured News
How to Work with Your Vendors to Go on a Packaging Diet
By Claudia Girrbach

Even if you’re conscientious about the three R’s when it comes to packaging, odds are your vendors are still shipping you excess materials. These three steps can help you ship smarter and greener…. Read More

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GreenBiz Radio
Growing Money on Trees
By Marc Gunther

Senior Writer Marc Gunther sits down with Jeff Horowitz to discuss Avoided Deforestation Partners, a coalition that aims to make it more profitable to preserve forests than to chop them down…. Listen

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