Green Chip’s Weekend Edition

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By Nick Hodge | Sunday, February 28th, 2010 Welcome to the Green Chip Review Weekend Edition — our insights from the week in everything alternative and cleantech, as well as links to our most-read Green Chip Review and sister publication articles. The battle of cleantech yin and yang raged on …

Bloom Energy Emergence Leads Clean-Tech

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The big story of the week is the emergence of Bloom Energy Corporation. The Silicon Valley-based company has been developing solid oxide fuel cells in almost complete secrecy since 2001, and on Wednesday it unveiled its first product, called the Bloom Energy Server. Also known as the “Bloom Box,” the …

Harmonic Humanity has a new idea…and it’s working

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By guest blogger Joseph Jacques They stand in front of the grocery store and on highway entrances. They are our nation’s homeless population. Over the last twenty years, homelessness has increased significantly in the US. On any given night, approximately 750,000 men, women, and children are homeless, many of …

Greentech Media

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2001: When Green Tech Was Born In 2001, analysts and investors were wondering when the Internet boom would return. Green sort of snuck up on them. Video: Smart Grid: Coming to Your Town PG&E’s Kevin Dasso looks at microgrids and other technologies. Where Will Solar Power Plants Be Built—Deserts or …

NewNet Clean Energy Newsletter

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24 February 2010 DEALS NEWS… Generation Investment Management invests $10m in driver safety technology firm GreenRoad Energy efficiency company Adura Technologies launches $12m funding round Clean energy investor Global Environment Fund invests in UPC Renewables to tap Chinese wind market US solar technology company Acro Energy arranges private placement US …

The Two Economies

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By Michael Hudson Mr. Obama’s most dangerous belief is the myth that the economy needs the financial sector to lead its recovery by providing credit. Every economy needs a means of payment, which is why Wall Street has been able to threaten to wreck the economy if the government does …

ECEEE News 2010

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COMMISSION TO UNVEIL RESOURCE EFFICIENCY DRIVE The European Commission wants to launch a “flagship” initiative to improve resource efficiency under its forthcoming 2020 strategy for “smart, green and inclusive growth”, according to a draft of the strategy obtained by ENDS. MEP WANTS EU DEFINITION FOR SMART ENERGY METERS EU …


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NEWS HEADLINES: FEBRUARY 25TH, 2010 › Asia sustainable investments could jump from $20bn to $4 trillion by 2015: Vontobel report Click here to read the newsletter.