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Pelican Journal of Sustainable Development – January 2010

Happy new year and happy new decade!

Pelican Journal of Sustainable Development – January 2010

This issue is a directory of selected online resources on sustainable
development and related issues. The directory is minimally annotated and
compiles links to research and data resources under the following

1. Population and Human Development
2. Cultural, Social, and Security Issues
3. Financial, Economic, and Political Issues
4. Ecological Resources and Ecosystem Services
5. Renewable and Nonrenewable Energy
6. Pollution, Climate Change, and Environmental Management
7. Land, Agriculture, Food Supply, and Water Supply
8. Current State of the Planet and Human Civilization
9. Transition from Consumerism to Sustainability

This issue also includes a supplement:

1. Suggestions for Prayer, Study, and Action
2. Recent News, Publications, and Tools
3. Climate Interactive Scoreboard (Courtesy of the Climate Institute)
4. Carbon Dioxide Calculator (Courtesy of Carbonify and Michael Bloch)
5. Education for Sustainable Development 2009 Surveys
6. Catherine of Siena Virtual College (Winter Courses)
7. Open Source Framework for Sustainability
8. International Ecumenical Peace Convocation (WCC 2011)
9. The Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic (Courtesy of Spirit Quest)

Invited papers this month:

Institutional Trappings, by Alan Fox

Durable Economics, by Barry Brooks

Bridging the Gulf: Education as Implementation, by Catherine King

It Is Time for the Churches to Declare Jubilee, by Britt Johnston

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