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Greentech Media: Duke Goes After All of the Grid, PG&E Tackles Smart Meter Claims, and SAP Stakes Its Place in Carbon Accounting

Posted November 23, 2009
Duke Energy wants to redefine business boundaries with its smart grid program, while PG&E is fighting to fend off claims of overcharging its smart meter clients. SAP wants to use its massive customer base as a way to win the carbon accounting software battle. It’s not all big company names – small entrepreneurs that are using greentech for good were honored this week in San Jose. China might end up being a “frenemy” when it comes to the U.S. Solar market. Ausra preps itself for sale, showing that green will mean big conglomerates. MiaSolé is boosting capacity. Vinod Khosla has some controversial words to say about the smart grid investment scene. Click for the newsletter…

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