Thursday January 19th 2017

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This affirms the goals of the 2020 Climate Leadership Campaign

Washington Climate Summit February 28 – March 3, 2010 to be staging event for Rapid Response Teams to Support this Brazilian Initiative as well as first “post Copenhagen” Climate Summit to galvanize 80/20 campaigns across the U.S. and worldwide.

History is on the move. Join us.

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President Lula de Silva of Brazil has announced that Brazil would commit to an 80% reduction of deforestation in the Amazon by 2020, affirming the basic goals of the 2020 Climate Leadership Campaign. All five governors of the Brazilian Amazonian states have also declared their intent to this effort and have appealed for international support. President Lula is now convening a meeting of all nine nations that comprise the Amazonian Basin to invite them to join Brazil.

This is a remarkable commitment because saving the world’s rainforests is the most effective short term way to reduce global warming.  As the “lungs of the planet,” the Amazon is by far the largest rainforest, containing fully 25% of the earth’s biodiversity, over 20% of all the fresh water, and constituting the largest carbon sink in the world. Essentially eliminating deforestation in that region would both address the most crucial challenge in the fight against climate change and would provide a compelling model for other regions to follow.

This commitment positions Brazil far in the lead in terms of national commitments around reductions of carbon emissions by 2020, a key threshold in the global fight against global warming. Since deforestation amounts to roughly 70% of Brazil’s carbon emissions, a reduction of 80% of Brazil’s deforestation means that Brazil would be reducing carbon emissions by about 60% by 2020, substantially ahead of any other nation in the world.

State of the World Forum, in partnership with a growing international coalition, has responded by announcing that in partnership with Governor Anobio Marques of the Amazonian state of Acre, is convening an Amazonian Climate Summit May 10 -14, 2010 to organize international awareness and support for this historic commitment.

State of the World Forum is dedicating its Washington Forum February 28 – March 3, 2010 as a staging event for the mobilization of Rapid Response Teams to support this Brazilian commitment and to mobilize 80/20 campaigns across the U.S. and worldwide. The Teams will be deployed as required throughout the Amazon and elsewhere to plan 2020 strategies, and work to support local leadership in developing sustainable agriculture and sustainable economies.

The Washington Forum will be the first major “post Copenhagen” conference in the world and will come at the time when the Senate Climate Bill will be voted upon.  This is an optimized time to engage with the most important debate in the world and that is how do we cope with climate change. What do we – as a planet – need to do moving forward from 2010 onwards to deal with the greatest crisis our species has ever faced.

The Climate Leadership demonstrated by President Lula and the Amazonian governors is crucial to human survival. With Lester Brown and a growing consensus of scientists and policy analysts worldwide, we believe that only this level of commitment will avert the worst consequences of climate change because only reducing our carbon emissions 80% by 2020 will suffice to keeping global temperatures from rising too much over 1C and carbon concentrations from rising over 400 ppm. A rise of 1.2C causes Greenland to go into irreversible ice melt, for example, which would raise ocean levels by at least 5 meters. The 80% by 2020 goal is not an idealistic nor academic commitment. It is necessary to save human civilization as we know it.

Come to the Washington Forum. Support Climate Leadership. Be part of the great global mobilization to reduce carbon emissions by 80% by 2020 to preserve civilization as we know it.


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