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Science Cheerleader: May 25, 2009


‘ In Philly? Join Sarah at these lecture series.
Though our continued support for citizen scientist programs across the country is vital to the success of directed scientific research about specific topics, we also need make sure we remain broadly educated about the general scientific issues we face everyday. The Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education (SCEE), located in Philadelphia, is one of the […]

Brain Makeover #10: Stars Live and Stars Die.
Stars live and die. Stars are born in the gravitational collapse of dust clouds is space. As the material is packed together in the collapse, the temperature at the center increases until fusion reactions start, converting hydrogen into helium in the process. The energy from these reactions creates a pressure that counteracts the force of gravity […]

Hope Phones
A colleague’s son recently launched the Hope Phones Foundation. Consider spreading the word about this life-changing effort. Every cell phone given to community health workers connects distant patients to a medical clinic. A $10 cell phone will give 50 families access to emergency medical care, health information, transport services, and clinic resources. Consider donating your old […]

Brain Makeover #11: The Universe.
The universe was born at a specific time in the past, and it has been expanding ever science. The American astronomer Edwin Hubble discovered two important facts about the universe. First, he showed that matter is clumped together into large collections of stars called galaxies, and, second, he showed that galaxies are moving apart from each […]

More Smart Phone Applications for Citizen Scientists…coming soon
Love this! Coming soon, another promising citizen science application for your smart phone. The Extraordinaries — On-demand crowdsourced volunteerism via smartphones. 20 minute volunteer activities you can do from your cell phone. (from The Extraordinaires website): “We created mobile smartphone software designed to facilitate crowdsourcing (a large task, broken into little pieces, and worked on by many […]

For you animal fans. (The Nature of Cognition.)

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