Saturday December 3rd 2016

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Millennia 2015 Women actors of development for the global challenges

In 2007, we have developed the concept of Millennia 2015, a “think and action tank” to enhance the driving force of women, with the title “Women actors of development for the global challenges”, precisely to envision a Global Sustainable Future, with ICT and the information society as tools to connect women from all around the world, and also to explore the means leading towards increased equality and solidarity, in a context of respect for cultural and linguistic diversity as well as sustainable development.

Women constitute about half of the world population: many of them do not even imagine they could benefit from a Global Sustainable Future, because they live in war, in slavery, in deserts, in hunger or because they are kept away from all the global Human Rights. On the other hand, many women are at the top level in life, in jobs, careers, enjoying wellbeing even if gender equality is still a real concern.  Download the PDF

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