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New reports on Ethical Business Practices by ECI

New reports on Ethical Business Practices by ECI, September 26, 2008

Free summaries available online.

How to manage carbon reduction, and make it pay
A hands on management briefing on real life ways big UK companies cut carbon, and their costs.

Essential strategies for effective emissions trading and offsetting
Practical information from leading companies

Corporate greenhouse gas emissions reporting
Learn how big business calculates and verifies their GHG emissions, and discover which metrics and verification standards will work for you.

The must-have guide to water footprinting, ethics and supply security
Learn how water factors into your success, and position yourself ahead of the curve.
– This will be launched at the upcoming conference on water:

The Water and Business Summit 2008
How water impacts on business, and what you need to do about it
26 – 27 November, London. www.ethicalcorp.com/water

Sector-by-sector guide to voluntary initiatives
Get the inside track from some of the world’s key ethical voluntary initiatives.

Ethics and Compliance in Russia
– coming soon

Supply chain security in China
– coming soon

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