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Alternative Trickle-up Plans Beyond Paulson

© Hazel Henderson, September 30, 2008

New proposals that can and should now be implemented immediately include:

* Raise the FDIC’s guaranty of all insured banks’ depositors from $100,000 (now inadequate due to past inflation) to $500,000 for each individual account and $1 million for each corporate account – while beefing up the FDIC’s fund by $200 billion.

* Making all regulated money market funds permanently insured beyond the $50 billion guarantee enacted through the Emergency Stabilization Fund.

* Support the SEC and the FASB’s new guidance rules allowing “significant judgment” on “fair value” modification of the “mark to market” rules, while providing greater transparency.

* Strengthen SEC oversight of credit derivatives, swaps, etc. and create a well-regulated, transparent clearinghouse and market for all such derivatives.

* Bring back the uptick rule and regulate short-selling. Prosecute naked shorting and other such criminal activities.

All these proposals, coming from many experts from across the political and ideological spectrum can be implemented without congressional legislation.

Longer-term, Congress can, for a start:

* Re-create an updated Home Owners Loan Corporation (HOLC) from the 1930s.

* Re-instate the very small tax on stock transactions of .25% as in the Securities Turnover Excise Tax enacted in 1914 and repealed in 1966. Many other countries in Europe and Asia leverage such a tax, which curbs speculation and would bring in the USA some $150 billion per year.

* Pass the extension of Production Tax Credits for renewable energy and add $150 billion to develop solar, wind, geothermal and upgrade our electric grid.

* Invest in restoring and maintaining US infrastructure.

* Re-instate federal revenue sharing with states.

* Extend unemployment insurance to laid off employees!


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