Friday December 2nd 2016

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System Innovation for Sustainability 1

Book CoverSystem Innovation for Sustainability 1 Edited by Arnold Tukker, Martin Charter, Carlo Vezzoli, Eivind Sto & Maj Munch Andersen

“A global overview of research, experiments, strategies and metrics at all levels of societies. This volume is Part 1 of a series on perspectives on achieving changes toward more sustainable consumption and production societies – calling for radical system-wide innovation. Most of those initiatives are from Europe, Japan, Australia and some from Brazil and other industrializing countries – with few from the USA. This is due to the greater effort and government support in the European Union for sustainability initiatives. One would expect in the next volume more focus on progress in correcting GDP and integrating available indicators on health, education, poverty gaps and the environment (see www.beyond-gdp.eu) and the rapid development of renewable energy which occurred worldwide in 2007 since this Part 1 went to press. This series will become a classic in the growing field of sustainability literature. We will recommend this volume and the forthcoming series as required reading for our Ethical Markets Sustainability Research Group.”

– Hazel Henderson, Author, Ethical Markets: Growing the Green Economy;President, Ethical Markets Media, LLC

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