Thursday January 19th 2017

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GREENBUZZ: MBA Programs for Future Green Biz Leaders, the Long Road to Green Certifications, and More…

Taking Care of Business By Joel Makower
Is your company a green business
It’s a simple question with no simple answer. Despite the rise of interest in environmentally responsible enterprise, we don’t know how to define what that means. That’s a problem for companies both big and small.

Certification programs are one solution to this frustrating state of affairs. But, as GreenBiz.com‘s Tilde Herrera reveals this week in GreenBiz Radio, it’s not all that simple, or quick. Her story chronicles the yearlong process it took for one progressive San Francisco law firm to become a certified green business. As you’ll see, making even simple changes was challenging, though the results are already paying off.
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The Latest News on Green Business Practices
Whole Foods Expands Farmed Seafood Standards
By Jonathan Bardelline
Whole Foods Market has updated and expanded standards that farmed seafood vendors must comply with.… Read More
Exelon Looks to Cleaner Energy Generation to Cut Emissions
California Adopts Green Building Code for All New Construction
Wal-Mart Launches Jewelry Line Traceable from Mine to Market
Green Marketing Failing: Report
Canadian Firm Bombardier Launches Green Planes Program
Ethical Sourcing Awareness Trickling Down Global Supply Chain: Report
National Association of Counties Supports Extended Producer Responsibility
EPA Begins Sketching Carbon Capture and Storage Framework
New PV Test Lab Could Help Speed Product Pipeline

Featured Article
The New Green Focus for Future MBAs
By Padma Naggapan
FeatureCurrent and prospective business-school students are clamoring for CSR programs in their curricula; Padma Naggapan takes a look a how three traditional MBA programs are responding to this demand in different ways.… Read More
GreenBiz Radio
A Yearlong Road to Green Certification
By Tilde Herrera
Rachel Patterson of San Francisco’s Hanson Bridgett law firm offers a snapshot of the year it took her company to become a certified green business.… Listen
Columns and Blogs
Marc Gunther
How Wal-Mart Became the New FDA
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