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GreenerComputing News: News and Resources on IT and the Environment

-= April 30, 2008 =- ==================================================================== Welcome to Greener Computing News. Every issue, we summarize what's new in the world of IT and the environment. Log on to http://www.GreenerComputing.com for more up-to-date news, in-depth information, and a wealth of resources to help companies profit [...]

Climate initiative for sustainable development

Phnom Penh, Cambodia, April 26th, 2008- A network of organizations working on poverty alleviation and energy issues have launched Carbon Solidarity Asia (CSA), a grassroots initiative to gain a better deal for sustainable development projects in the carbon market. Announcing the launch, Minh Cuong LE QUAN, head of international N.G.O. GERES’ [...]

Post Carbon Newsletter #37 (March 2008)

1. Post Carbon Cities 2. Relocalization Network 3. Global Public Media 4. Energy Farms 5. Forthcoming Events 6. April 2008 Preview Click to read more...divx breakfast on pluto

Earth Advertising: eco-nomically friendly campaigns

Earth Day, 2008, New York, NY. The agency famous for its pithy messaging and 360-degree media campaigns is addressing the needs of a tight eco-nomy by offering cost efficient media solutions. Earth Advertising and production studio eFlicksMedia was founded by Adweek's creative all-star Martha Shaw in 1992 to support the growth of green business [...]

EthicsWorld News: April 15, 2008

EthicsWorld carries key pages of recent NEWS...And, we have launched a NEWS ARCHIVE that goes back more than two years of news summaries that can provide you with direct links to stories Corporate Governance * Five American Companies Blacklisted for Corporate Governance Failings - CalPERS, the largest U.S. institutional investor, listed [...]

Earth Policy News – World Facing Huge New Challenge on Food Front: Business-as-Usual Not a Viable Option

Earth Policy Institute. Plan B Update. For Immediate Release. April 16, 2008 http://www.earthpolicy.org/Updates/2008/Update72.htm Lester R. Brown A fast-unfolding food shortage is engulfing the entire world, driving food prices to record highs. Over the past half-century grain prices have spiked from time to time because of weather-related [...]

News from Solar Living Institute

Vol. XI, No. 4. April.2008 In This Issue UN Calls for Farming Revolution SFCC Green Jobs Fair SolFest XXIII Solar Living Workshops at ASES Hopland Workshops Congressman Thompson visits the Solar Living Center Solar Success in the Northeast Make a Donation to Support the Planet! Talk Radio features SLI Instructors Millions of people [...]


C. P. Chandrasekhar* To the superstitious, recent developments in global financial markets were possible reminders that the Ides of March had arrived. To the more rational, they proved once again that finance capital, which pillories the state when it steps into the economic arena, finally uses it as a means of accumulation and leans on it in [...]


Number 139, April 2008. Jayati Ghosh There is no doubt about it: the US financial structure is crumbling, possibly even collapsing. The collapse of a major Wall Street bank and the enormous bailouts that are being offered to financial institutionsin the US by the US Federal Reserve are only symptomatic of the wider crisis created by the [...]

Green Chip Stocks: Update

2008-04-16 - Baltimore, MD By Jeff Siegel U.S. Geothermal announced today that it has moved over to the American Stock Exchange. The stock now trades under the symbol, HTM on the AMEX. Read more...

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