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Solaria Q1 2008 Newsletter

Full Disclosure: two of the principals of Ethical Markets Media are long-term, patient, minority investors in Solaria

Pilot to Production in 90 Days / Volume Manufacturing Ramps Overseas

Leveraging semiconductor “copy exact” implementation methodology to transition our production from pilot to high-volume, we’ve opened our first cell and module assembly facility with our fabless manufacturing partner, Ionics Inc., in the Philippines / Targeting a production capacity of 25MW by the end of 2008, we are well on our way to meeting production capacity milestones.

FABLESS MANUFACTURING IN S.E. ASIA / Ionics & Solaria Replicate Successful Model

At Solaria, we believe that high-volume operational efficiency is best attained through diverse people skills, proven competency, and logistics-driven location. Our strategic manufacturing partner, Ionics Inc., is ideally situated in Light Industry Science Park at Calamba, Laguna, 40kms away from Manila. The new solar module assembly factory became operational three months after opening in the Philippines in December 2007. The 1600 square meters facility will initially provide up to 25MW of cell and module capacity in 2008. Through a ten-year, 1.3GW supply agreement with Q-Cells, we have secured 100% of cell supply for this first 25MW and beyond.

Solaria with Ionics team at Light Industry Science Park facility.

CHOOSING THE RIGHT PARTNER IS KEY / Industry Pioneer Brings Time-to-Market Advantage

Founded in 1973 and 3000 employees strong, Ionics Inc. has proven its competence in cost-efficient, high-volume semiconductor manufacturing. And today, Ionics subsidiary, Iomni, is hosting Solaria’s first high-volume manufacturing and assembly facility. Expert in plastic injection molding, Iomni now produces the key element of Solaria’s photovoltaic Cell Multiplying Technology (CMT) in the same facility where Solaria and Iomni have implemented the first fully automated high-volume production line, staffed by experts from the Philippine’s local network of fabless semiconductor manufacturing veterans.

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