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Planet 2025 News Update

2008-01-28 – International – policy
World Economic Forum closes with call for new collaborative leadership
The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2008 closed with a call by business, government and civil society leaders for a new brand of collaborative and innovative leadership to address the challenges…Read More…

2008-01-28 – International – mobility
The air car is poised for mass production
If someone tried to sell you a zero-emissions car that costs around $10,000, you might think he was full of hot air. Turns out it’s the car that’s full of it: The vehicle runs on and emits …Read More…

2008-01-28 – International – CSR
Heineken Makes Sustainability a Natural Fit
This case study from the World Business Council on Sustainable Development shows how the global brewer and beverage-maker has been able to set ambitious targets and achieve significant results on …Read More…

2008-01-28 – Spain – human values
Getting old? Become a volunteer
A study carried out by the University of Barcelona has found that elderly volunteers are on the increase, and are encouraging NGOs to take advantage of their wealth of knowledge and good health….Read More…

2008-01-28 – International – development
Davos WEF: Bill Gates promotes “creative capitalism”
In his speech at Davos on Thursday 24th January Bill Gates called on capitalism to become creative in providing returns and helping the world’s poor. The philanthropist Bill Gates today called for…Read More…

2008-01-27 – International – climate
Business Leaders in Davos Call for a Clear Post-2012 Climate Change Agreement
Leading business figures expect clear results from a future framework agreement that includes internationally agreed emission targets to optimize its contribution to tackling climate change, guide …Read More…

2008-01-26 – European Union – climate
EU-backed carbon capture and storage technology not without critics
Within the European Commission’s comprehensive package of legislative proposals on climate change and energy announced on Wednesday (23 January) is a plan to promote the development of a controver …Read More…

2008-01-24 – International – CSR
FORTUNE Announces 2008 List of 100 Best Companies to Work For
FORTUNE announced that Navy Federal has been ranked 78 on the 11th Annual 100 Best Companies to Work For list. The full list and related stories appear in the February 4 issue of FORTUNE, available on …Read More…

2008-01-24 – European Union – climate
E.U. Sets Ambitious Goals to Address Climate Change
Under the newly released proposals, European countries will aim for a 20 percent reduction in their emissions by 2020, using carbon credit trading, automotive emissions limits, renewable energy and …Read More…

2008-01-23 – International – environment
Switzerland Tops Environmental Index, US Lags
Switzerland ranks first in environmental performance but the world’s largest economy, the United States, lags many industrialised nations, a report drawn up by US university experts said on Wednes …Read More…

2008-01-23 – European Union – policy
Commission Proposal out of Fuel
The European Environmental Bureau (EEB), the largest federation of environmental citizens organisations in Europe, welcomes the publication of the Energy/Climate Package by the European Commission tod …Read More…

2008-01-23 – European Union – energy
Leaked JRC Working Paper Criticizes European Transportation Biofuels Plan
The costs of achieving the proposed 10% biofuels target in Europe will likely outweigh the benefits and may not even reduce greenhouse gas emissions according to an internal working document by the Eu …Read More…

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