Wednesday January 18th 2017

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Inside Cleantech News Update

News brief: SunPower shares drop on fourth quarter report
The solar market gets a bit cloudy as a fall in profit at SunPower drags down the whole sector. Full Story >>

Deal tracking: Performance monitoring pulls in more cash
Fat Spaniel bulks up with $18 million, along with deals from solar, fuel cell, and smart grid firms this week. Full Story >>

Exclusive: Harvesting the wind under tall turbines
Taking the low road to wind power. Full Story >>

Exclusive: Abu Dhabi, the next cleantech hub?
If you build it in the desert, they will come. Full Story >>

Editorial: Driving cleantech growth via engineering & environmental channels
Don’t reinvent the wheel to get your cleantech product to market, says E&C consultant. Full Story >>

Exclusive: Electric cars are coming to Israel
Project Better Place is trying to build it in the desert, too. Full Story >>

Editorial: Biofuel patents are booming
Better file yours now. Don’t get left in the dust. Full Story >>

Poll: When will peak oil arrive?
Place your bets. Weigh in >>

Interview: Plankton to the rescue
Protein from the sea takes on carbon dioxide. Full Story >>

Exclusive: Solar PV still going through growing pains
SunPower probably knows this already. Full Story >>

News brief: AMSC’s HYDRA snaps up $25M more from DHS
Securing those smart grids against smart-alecks. Full Story >>

News brief: Solazyme to work with Chevron on algae fuel
Going green with green slime. Full Story >>

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