Water Tables Falling and Rivers Running Dry

July 24, 2007. As the world’s demand for water has tripled over the last half-century and as the demand for hydroelectric power has grown even faster, dams and diversions of river water have drained many rivers dry. As water tables fall, the springs that feed rivers go dry, reducing river …

Covalence Ethical Ranking 2nd Quarter 2007

Geneva-based Covalence is publishing today its quarterly ethical reputation ranking, giving the best ranked companies as well as those companies which have made the most progress in the second quarter of 2007. Download the PDF .

EurActive: Trade and Industry

July 16, 2007. Competitiveness impact of EU emissions trading scheme. Concerns about the loss of industrial competitiveness remain one of the major barriers to setting more robust carbon dioxide mitigation obligations on industrial sectors in the EU, observes a March 2007 report from the Climate Strategies group.

What do stakeholders expect from Hong Kong companies?

CSR Asia Weekly – Vol.3 Week 28 issue. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) differs from place to place, industry to industry and over time. It is increasingly accepted that in order to define precisely what social responsibility means to a company, it needs to engage with its stakeholders and take into …