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The Future 500

The Future 500 -June 2007, Forging links between corporations and stakeholders to advance global citizenship. (Archives)

Few companies handle IT risk effectively

EIU Press Release – June. 2007. IT systems failure is the top threat to operational success, but few companies handle IT risk effectively, study finds. (Archives )

Calvert Launches Global Alternative Energy Fund

Survey Shows “Disconnect” Between Individuals’ Views On Climate, Alternative Energy Investing and Their Portfolios June 13, 2007//Bethesda, MD//Calvert, a leader in socially and environmentally responsible investing, has launched the Calvert Global Alternative Energy Fund (Ticker: CGAEX) and is releasing the findings of a national survey that indicates a majority of …

“ASDA Sponsor Green Awards 2007 – Best Packaging Category

PRESS RELEASE. The build up to this year’s Green Awards has begun in earnest, with the major supermarket retailer ASDA announcing their patronage of the ‘best packaging design’ category. The awards will be held at London’ s Guildhall on 26th October, and will include fourteen discrete categories. They are aimed …