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Oil Producers Shifting from US dollars to EUROS

Financial Times, Dec. 10, 2006. The Bank for International Settlements latest report indicates this shift to euros, pounds, yen and other strong currencies — a factor in the dollar’s continuing decline.Hazel Henderson has been predicting this scenario since 2003. See Hazel’s April 2003 article “Iraq, The Dollar and the Euro” Dec. 2006

Radio Archives

Radio Archives

Women'sRadio, Pat Lynch interviews Hazel Henderson on the evolution of Green Business over the last 20 years, Dec. 2006 calan Dreamtime Radio The Emerging Paradigm John English interview with Hazel Henderson on "The New Economy: Changing the Way Economics Changes our Planet" July 2006 Inside Wealth Radio Scroll through Show Archives (on [...]

Hunger and Homelessness Survey

US Conference of Mayors-Sodexho, Inc., Dec. 2006

Statistics on French Institutional Investors

Press Release from Novethic.fr: 71% of French institutional investors that have already invested in accordance with SRI criteria will continue to do so, Dec. 2006. Download the PDF

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