2 for 1: Binge-worthy Line-up


SUNDAY – Day 2 


Another 5 AWESOME speakers today AND you still have access to all the presentations from Day 1 for another 24 hours!

Watch them in the morning or watch them in the evening—just watch them!

Seriously, this content is eye-opening and life-changing and you definitely don’t want to miss it. 

And this is just the beginning…

Together, we CAN shape a world that works!

Check out today’s speakers:

DAY 2: SUNDAY, JUNE 2: Available for 48 hours

Alexander Verbeek – Climate Change and Planetary Security

Brother Phil Lane Jr. – The Treaty to Protect & Restore Mother Earth

Heshie Segal – Clean Water on the Go

Mike Strizki – Hydrogen Micro-Grids: Clean Power for the Future, Now

Summer Bock – How Fermented Foods Can Repair Our Health

DAY 1: SATURDAY, JUNE 1: Still available for 24 hours

Alosha Lynov – Off-Grid Water Systems

Marina Qutab – Waste Not Want Not: Zero Waste Solutions for Daily Living

Ryan Eliason – How to Change the World Without Going Broke

Sean Steed – Plant-Based Epoxy: a Case Study for Circular Economy

Zach Bush, MD – Chemical Farming, Ecology & Human Health 

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