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Desert-Greening: The Next Big Thing for Green Investors

By Hazel Henderson © 2014 for GreenMoney Journal Asset managers and investors are supposed to be rational actors, cranking in all available information leading to efficient markets and optimal resource-allocation. As market failures continue to proliferate and hidden externalities come home to roost, we find that successful investing requires going multi-disciplinary – far beyond narrow economic and financial models. As we learn from pioneer asset managers’ successful fossil-free portfolios, such as those presented at our recent Finding Ethical Alpha Conference, broadened horizons and deeper research reveal huge unexploited opportunities. Our keynote speaker, Doctor Dennis Bushnell, chief scientist at nasa in Langley, VA, pointed out that four abundant resources are [...]

Review Of ‘The Systems View Of Life: A Unifying Vision’ By Capra And Luisi

by Hazel Henderson for SeekingAlpha.com   The Systems View Of Life: A Unifying Vision by Fritjof Capra and Pier Luigi Luisi, Cambridge University Press, UK 2014   This hefty volume, The Systems View of Life: A Unifying Vision, is a tour de force and will be a perennial textbook for decades for multi-disciplinary researchers worldwide. Authors Fritjof Capra, a physicist, and Pier Luigi Luisi, a biochemist, transcend their original scientific pursuits, arriving at systemic overviews of life on Earth, synthesizing research from complexity and chaos theories, cybernetics, thermodynamics, geology, fractal geometry, biology, ecology, genetics, epigenetics to sociology, anthropology, psychology, economics and finance. Their damning critique of economics and global finance [...]

Classic Articles: Globalization – A Summon to Social Renewal in the 21st Century

This classic piece by Hazel Henderson was written in 1996 for the Ikeda Center for Peace, Learning and Dialogue on her acceptance of their Global Citizens Award.” ~ Editor   Globalization: A Summon to Social Renewal in the 21st Century Hazel Henderson offered these remarks at the Center's Second Annual Global Citizen Awards Ceremony, held in 1997. Her award co-recipient that year was Nobel Peace Prize winner Adolfo Pérez Esquivel. Ms. Henderson is the author of many books, including Planetary Citizenship (2004), a dialogue with Center founder Daisaku Ikeda, andEthical Markets: Growing the Green Economy (2006). She was introduced by Ambassador Juan Somavia, Permanent Representative of Chile to the United Nations. Juan Somavia: An Introduction As a friend and colleague [...]

Vision of the Future – Hazel Henderson

In an interview with PeaceGlobalNet, Hazel Henderson takes a broad view of the process of human evolution and the present day opportunities it provides.   Watch the video. [...]

Electronic Bulls, Bears and Pigs: Predicting the Next “Flash Crash”

By Hazel Henderson Remember the old Wall Street adage, “Bulls make money; bears make money; pigs go broke!”? Today, not so much. Pigs often win, particularly those armed with computers and algorithms. Speed and complexity are the tools of those seeking alpha, hiring quants to create ever more complex derivatives and optimize mathematical paths to trading and gaming markets. Another adage was that of “shearing the sheep,” (i.e., small investors). Fleecing Small Investors Computers arrived on Wall Street in the 1960s with early electronic markets like Instinet (now owned by Nomura) and AutEx (the first offering for block traders, now owned by Thomson-Reuters). READ MORE HERE [...]

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