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By Hazel Henderson © 2014 Much has been written about the disruptive shifts in many industrial sectors, from retailing, publishing, manufacturing, entertainment, medicine, law, architecture, transport and public services caused by computers, automation and the digital revolution. Since the robotization of automobile production in the 1960s, debates have raged over the social impacts on employment, cities, education, technological obsolescence, socio-economic policies and globalization. Now the two pillars of all economies are falling: energy and finance. Conventional economic theories assured us that these technological and global changes would lead to creation of as many or more new jobs as older ones were lost – with whole new industries created and growing our economies. [...]

Quality of Life Indicators in Context – September 2014

Focus on US Employment —  September 2014 Update By Hazel Henderson Total nonfarm payroll employment in August rose by 142,000, mostly in professional, business services, healthcare, leisure and 20,000 in construction while manufacturing remained flat. July rose by revised 212,000 after the downward revision from 298,000 to 267,000 in June. There was a 4.2% increase in GDP for Q2 of 2014, good news after the 2.1% drop in GDP-growth for Q1. All these revisions show the recovery is still on track. The August unemployment rate was 6.1% still reflecting the low civilian labor force participation rate at 62.8% while the 142,000 job total may be revised upward. It remains difficult to find information on government jobs, but they are now included in the main BLS summary. Continued [...]

UN Member States Receive Report on Finance for Sustainable Development

Commentary by Hazel Henderson, Editor-in-Chief Good News from Mr. WU! The UN Report on Finance for Sustainable Development shows the global economics paradigm shifting: from today’s financial model of the global casino dominated by high-frequency trading and multi-trillions in derivative positions far exceeding the real world economy’s GDP – to finance as service to the real economy, as a public good accessible to all, which we at Ethical Markets advocate (see our TV series “Transforming Finance” at www.ethicalmarkets.tv and for educators worldwide at www.films.com and our MOOC www.ethicalmarketsexploratorium.com). This report, following the UN’s Monterrey, Mexico, summit in 2002 on Financing for Development, has tracked these issues through the financial crises of [...]

Restoring Trust: In Markets and Politics

It’s common knowledge that human societies work most effectively and harmoniously where there are high levels of trust – in each other and our institutions.  Markets cannot operate without trust.  Wall Street is learning this as I discussed in Electronic Bulls, Bears & Pigs.  Confidence among retail investors has dropped since the 2010 Flash Crash and 16% of small investors have fled.  Hearings in the US Senate June 17, on investor loss of confidence, conflicts of interest, high-frequency trading and maker-taker models saw even insiders calling for reforms. Today, trust is breaking down in many societies around the world.  Populist distrust of governments, elites, corporations, media, finance, academia, science, churches, is evident in protest groups, movements, whistle [...]

Desert-Greening: The Next Big Thing for Green Investors

By Hazel Henderson © 2014 for GreenMoney Journal Asset managers and investors are supposed to be rational actors, cranking in all available information leading to efficient markets and optimal resource-allocation. As market failures continue to proliferate and hidden externalities come home to roost, we find that successful investing requires going multi-disciplinary – far beyond narrow economic and financial models. As we learn from pioneer asset managers’ successful fossil-free portfolios, such as those presented at our recent Finding Ethical Alpha Conference, broadened horizons and deeper research reveal huge unexploited opportunities. Our keynote speaker, Doctor Dennis Bushnell, chief scientist at nasa in Langley, VA, pointed out that four abundant resources are [...]

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