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'The Power of Yin'

Highlights benefits of holistic approach to SRI, sustainability, networking, the Love Economy, the empowerment of women.

Relates to: Wealth of Networks, SRI, Global Citizenship

Where are all the female innovators?

The dearth of women in STEM careers isn’t from discrimination but a perception and visibility issue, says Dame Sue Ion Women now make up 24% of FTSE 100 board positions and are increasingly represented in high profile science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) roles. Both the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Institution of Engineering and Technology have appointed female presidents in the last year; Dame Ann Dowling and Naomi Climer respectively. The Institute of Physics has Frances Saunders at the helm, and Louise Kingham is Chief Executive of the Energy Institute. Many women are also at the cutting edge of innovation. Women such as Professor Eleanor Stride at the University of Oxford, who is developing new treatments for cancer and Alzheimer’s using microbubbles, [...]

Top of the Food Chain: How Women Are Helping Each Other Lead the Food and Farming Sector

Ten years ago, when I was working at an environmental center at Harvard Medical School, I had coffee with a woman who was working for one of the large, national environmental NGOs. The conversation turned into what a friend calls a "woe-down." We lamented that our directors were men, that the faculty or in-house experts were mostly men, and that our boards consisted largely of -- you guessed it -- men. We could both think of plenty of administrative and middle management positions filled by smart, competent women, but the examples quickly dwindled near the top of the organizations. A scan of the data backed up this realization. The fact that men, almost without exception, led the environmental movement came somewhat as a surprise to me. I had formed the false assumption that [...]

WECAN Women Rising on International Women’s Day

WECAN Women Rising on International Women’s Day

  From the WECAN Team Dear Friends and Allies,    Today, as we celebrate International Women's Day, we reflect with great appreciation and respect upon the countless women leaders rising up worldwide in defense of the Earth and their communities. We recognize the immense challenges ahead and renew our commitment to amplifying women's voices and leadership in climate justice and solutions.   For the Women's Earth and Climate Action Network, 2015 has already proven to be a year of great change and opportunity. We began this year in the Democratic Republic of  Congo where we held an online training session, bringing together diverse participants [...]

Shining the Light on Women in Solar

Shining the Light on Women in Solar This week, women in the solar energy industry will gather at events around the country to talk about policies for recruiting and retaining women in the clean energy fields. The events, being held in 15 cities on Tuesday, February 24th, will be run byWomen in Solar Energy (WISE). Why are events like this important? You’d think in a fast growing industry like solar there would be many opportunities for women. Yet, according to WISE, women account for only 19% of the workforce in solar. While that’s higher representation than in construction (12%) and mining oil and gas extraction (16%), it lags manufacturing (28%) and the workforce as a whole (47%). READ MORE HERE [...]

2015 Catalyst, Issue 2: Rising Women, Rising World

We at The Shift Network hold a deep commitment to equal honoring of feminine and masculine ways of being in the world. It is vital that each of us learn to honor and embody this balance within ourselves and help to create it in our communities, businesses, and political bodies. That’s also why we see it as so important that we support women who embody deep feminine wisdom in leadership roles. For too long, women have been marginalized by masculine-dominant societies and systems. Throughout history, there have been exceptional women helping to transform their communities and the world — such as Rosa Parks and Ella Baker, to the spiritual activist Aung San Suu Kyi to name a few — yet their stories are often overshadowed by men in parallel roles. As part of The Shift [...]

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