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“The Earth Charter, Ecological Integrity, and Social Movements”

“The Earth Charter, Ecological Integrity, and Social Movements”

Dear Friends of the Earth Charter, We hope this message finds you well, energized and motivated to continue doing the work you are doing to foster peace, justice, and sustainability. We would like to draw your attention to several books and publications that may help your efforts towards these ends. First, have a look at "The Earth Charter, Ecological Integrity, and Social Movements".This book offers a variety of perspectives through a collection of 19 chapters written by scholars from universities situated in different parts of the world.  It provides a series of analyses of issues of concern in terms of ecological integrity,  international law for human rights and social movements and it relates them to the Earth Charter.   Another recently published book by Noel [...]

Review Of ‘The Systems View Of Life: A Unifying Vision’ By Capra And Luisi

by Hazel Henderson for SeekingAlpha.com   The Systems View Of Life: A Unifying Vision by Fritjof Capra and Pier Luigi Luisi, Cambridge University Press, UK 2014   This hefty volume, The Systems View of Life: A Unifying Vision, is a tour de force and will be a perennial textbook for decades for multi-disciplinary researchers worldwide. Authors Fritjof Capra, a physicist, and Pier Luigi Luisi, a biochemist, transcend their original scientific pursuits, arriving at systemic overviews of life on Earth, synthesizing research from complexity and chaos theories, cybernetics, thermodynamics, geology, fractal geometry, biology, ecology, genetics, epigenetics to sociology, anthropology, psychology, economics and finance. Their damning critique of economics and global finance [...]

The Nature of Investing by Katherine Collins… a Review

“Thanks to colleague Ben Bingham for this review of the new book The Nature of Investing from Ethical Markets Advisory Board member Katherine Collins, Honeybee Capital.”  ~Editor The Nature of Investing by Katherine Collins... a Review You might ask why a very successful professional at the top of her game might leave the comfort and prestige of a hard-won executive role leading the largest research team in the world to go on a pilgrimage, build houses in 20 remote countries for Habitat for Humanity all while roping in a degree from the Harvard Divinity School! You might wonder further: how in the world did she re-orientate her approach to her vocation, which is investing, from the dark pool of massively efficient number crunching to a more effective and rewarding approach [...]

Review Of “Nature Of Investing” And “World We Made”

Review Of “Nature Of Investing” And “World We Made”

Summary Review of Katherine Collins' newly released "The Nature of Investing". Review of Jonathon Porritt's "The World We Made". Correcting current investing methods to methods based on nature for the benefit of future generations. THE NATURE OF INVESTING by Katherine Collins, Bibliomotion, Inc., Brookline, MA, 2014 THE WORLD WE MADE by Jonathon Porritt, Phaidon Press, Forum for the Future, UK, 2013 Katherine Collins, author of The Nature of Investing, is also a successful veteran asset manager of a multi-billion dollar mutual fund for Fidelity, and head of their US Equity Research. After 20 years, Katherine Collins decided to widen her investment lens, first by earning an MTS degree at Harvard Divinity School, and then taking a professional course in biomimicry and [...]

Review Of ‘The Second Machine Age’

Review Of ‘The Second Machine Age’

Summary Hazel Henderson's perspective on the recently published book, 'The Second Machine Age' by Erik Byrynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee, authors of Race Against the Machine. Explores the role of digitization in finance, economics and the economy. Lauds authors' break from traditional "economism" while questioning their faith in silicon valley. Erik Byrynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee, both at MIT, have written a very useful follow-up to their Race Against the Machine (2012) which bucked conventional economics and squarely faced our current era of jobless economic growth. Their new volume explores the causes of this latest challenge to all mature industrial societies, particularly in north america and Europe. Orthodox economic theories cannot account for this current malaise of [...]

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