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Scenarios for Sustainable Development for Africa’s Future Society

  A Paradigm for Future Analysis – revisit of a 1994 paper still relevant today By Yul Anderson, African American Future  As a Futurist I revisited a paper the African American Future Society presented at the United Nations World Summit for Social Development.  I was able to reflect on what the Society predicted then in 1994 for African and African American Futures and relate the paradigms developed then to what we are seeing today in 2014, 20 years later. The paper illustrates what it means when we speak of Africans and African Americans to be a Futurists and to practice Future Studies and Futures research. The Foresight Networks and future methodologies today will be impacted by the advancement of technology, to identify new trends and alternative Futures for Africa [...]

What’s Next for Sustainable Investing? An Individual and Industry Perspective

What's Next for Sustainable Investing? An Individual and Industry Perspective During my first week at Calvert Investments as President and ceo in April 1997, I received a desk plant as a congratulatory gift from a former colleague. Seventeen years later, that plant is literally a tree, dominating a special corner of my office. It is a daily reminder of my personal journey at Calvert, but also of the flourishing of sustainable and responsible investing over the past several decades. What began as a niche approach is more and more a mainstream investment strategy. As an industry, we undoubtedly play a major role in promoting changes that will help shape a global green economy, add more diversity in the highest echelons of corporate governance and serve as the watchdogs of [...]

From the desk of William McDonough: A Garden Factory™ Grows in India

“Ethical Markets is proud to count William McDonough among our distinguished global Advisory Board. His work is featured on our TV series, in “Green Building and Design" at www.ethicalmarkets.tv and for classroom use at www.films.com."  ~Hazel Henderson, Editor Dear friends and colleagues, I've just returned from Dubai where I was chairing the World Economic Forum's new Meta-Council for Circular Economy. It was a great experience and wonderful to be with the Global Agenda Councils and other Chairs, like Al Gore, as we engage in new and important work and prepare for Davos. From Dubai, I went to Amsterdam to begin the design of a new HUB for the Circular Economy near Schiphol, and then to New York, where I joined the Doen Foundation, Wendy Schmidt and the board of the Cradle to [...]

Presentation of the Wheel of Co-creation to the 6th Worldwide Meeting on Human Values 2014

Presentation of the Wheel of Co-creation to the 6th Worldwide Meeting on Human Values 2014

By Barbara Marx Hubbard, Foundation for Conscious Evolution; Ethical Markets Advisory Board Member   This presentation describes how the Wheel of Co-creation brings together business, civil society and entrepreneurs, to identify and integrate transcendent innovations and projects.   The process creates a platform that integrates citizens and businesses to work together in order to strengthen their selected projects and make them a reality.  The process can result in an investment fund in which people and organizations can support and launch projects to cope with the root of the problems with a long term perspective.   This presentation demonstrates how the Wheel of Co-creation is being applied to an ambitious project to define the vision for the year [...]

But What About the Futuristic Me?

By Dr. Gilbert Lancelot Raiford, Ethical Markets Advisory Board Member Presented at the World Future Society Conference, Orlando, FL, July 11-14, 2004 Whether because of myopia or “benign neglect”, futurists have blatantly shied away from discussing one of the most serious social problems this nation faces – that of a rapidly growing underclass. Simply stated, the underclass is a significant cohort of Americans who are relatively physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy but permanently unemployed and unemployable. This is a social stratum that is below the working poor. It is a class that will remain totally unaffected by an increase in the national minimum wage or the forecast of a rebounding economy. The underclass represents a new kind of poor. A great many high [...]

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