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Green Transition Scoreboard®

ALL ABOUT THE GREEN TRANSITION SCOREBOARD® * Reports and Press Releases * Endorsers * EMM Provides Rigorous Foundation for GTS * Watch the [Read More]

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Court rules that there are no checks and balances

Financial Reform Newsletter March 20, 2015 Court rules that there are no checks and balances when the Executive Branch settles cases, even those that caused the worst financial crash since [Read More]

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SAINT AUGUSTINE, FL. (August 19, 2015) — For its 10th anniversary, the EthicMark® Awards is fielding the best nominations yet! With semi-finalists in each of two categories – non-profit and for-profit – the EthicMark® is proud to present high-caliber campaigns from around the world. The $500 billion annual global advertising and media sector has the potential to inspire, focus on human potentials while furthering both public and legitimate private interests beyond consumerism. The EthicMark® Awards serve as a “carrot” to cajole the industry into more creative, positive approaches. The 2014 EthicMark® Awards went to Unsung Hero from Thai Life Insurance, Thailand, and Liter of Light from ALiterofLight.org, Philippines. Watch the video highlights of past winners. This [...]

EthicMark® Awards Celebrate 10th Anniversary!

EthicMark® Awards Are open to campaigns representing socially responsible advertising and media communications. Seek to transform advertising by demonstrating the power of media campaigns to inspire, focus on future potentials and further both public and legitimate private interests. History Founded in 2004 by futurist hazel henderson and supported by ethical markets Media (USA and Brazil), a Certified B Corporation. In 2008, management was taken over by the World Business Academy, and the awards grew to two categories: for profit and non-profit.The winners list has grown to represent global campaigns from africa to asia to Latin America and the US. In 2015, the EthicMark® Awards proudly return home to ethical markets in celebration of its 10th year!   READ MORE [...]

Court rules that there are no checks and balances

Court rules that there are no checks and balances

Financial Reform Newsletter March 20, 2015 Court rules that there are no checks and balances when the Executive Branch settles cases, even those that caused the worst financial crash since 1929 and caused the worst economy since the Great Depression of the 1930s, costing the US more than $12.8 trillion: Longtime readers know that Better Markets sued DOJ over its $13 billion settlement with JP Morgan Chase. Without transparency, oversight, accountability or any judicial review, that settlement was negotiated in secret and without any meaningful public discloser. For $13 billion, JP Morgan Chase got total civil immunity and got to keep secret the illegal conduct of its executives, officers, supervisors and [...]

Ethical Markets Media Celebrates 10th Anniversary!

By Rosalinda Sanquiche, Executive Director Ethical Markets Media, LLC, USA and Brazil, is celebrating its 10th Anniversary!  Congratulations to Hazel Henderson, Founder and President, for her prescience in founding a media company which focuses on the good news about the sustainable, inclusive green transition to the Solar Age, entirely missed by mainstream media in 2004 and now finally gaining traction.  During the past ten years, Ethical Markets’ mission has evolved from reporting the good news to continuing Henderson’s active hand in reforming markets and metrics while helping accelerate and track the transition to the green economy worldwide.  While a challenge to capture all the invaluable work done over the past ten years, highlights attest to the depth of leadership hazel [...]

EMM Spring Gathering Focuses on Opportunities Others Are Missing

Rosalinda Sanquiche, Partner and Executive Director, ethical markets media Ethical Markets® Media hosted the Finding Ethical Alpha Conference in St. Augustine, FL, May 12-13, 2014. Designed with Stuart Williams of Endobility, the focus was on guiding the world’s significant asset allocators to use environmental and humanitarian risk/return metrics and screens across 100% of their portfolios. Co-chaired by sustainability pioneers Hazel Henderson, president of Ethical Markets®, and Lawrence Bloom, co-founder and chairman of B.e Energy, the conference gathered leading experts across sustainability stakeholder groups to implement projects to reach, teach and inform asset managers. The highlight of the event was Dennis Bushnell, chief scientist for NASA, who engaged and inspired [...]

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