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ESG and Impact Investing: the Killer App

ESG and Impact Investing: the Killer App Presentation on by Robert Rubinstein, EMM Advisory Board member How does the current financial system undermine sustainability and how can it be aligned with the StepWise methodology? The Natural Step organised the “StepWise Conference-The Future of Leadership is Now”  in Stockholm. Watch the video [...]

Ethical Markets Supports IEX Filing with SEC

Ethical Markets submitted comments to the SEC in support of Investors’ Exchange LLC.  Our letter to the SEC is co-signed by our Advisory Board members Robert Monks, Linda Crompton and Kim Ann Curtin.  We included in our Fedex to Chair Mary Jo White, a copy of our expert seminar report “Perspectives on Reforming Electronic Markets and Trading” now an official United Nations document, which contains many other critiques and proposals by market players who participated in the seminar. Please join us in encouraging the SEC to approve IEX’s application process by clicking here and submitting a comment.   Brad Katsuyama, CEO and founder of IEX Group, featured in Transforming Wall Street by Kim Ann Curtin and Flash Boys by Michael Lewis, needs support for Investors’ [...]

SAI Celebrates a New Chapter

SAI Celebrates a New Chapter

SAI Celebrates a New Chapter “We at Ethical Markets Media salute  the huge contributions of our beloved friend and member of our Advisory Board, Alice Tepper Marlin.  We wish SAI more well-deserved success in its new mission."  ~ Hazel Henderson, Editor Today, SAI Founder and President, Alice Tepper Marlin passes the role of CEO to Jane Hwang. Alice will continue to serve as an ambassador for SAI and workers around the world as Board member and Founder & President Emeritus. Please join us in honoring Alice's legacy of launching a global movement to address human rights in the workplace, and support SAI in the next stage of its remarkable journey. Thank you for the important role each of you played in ushering SAI to this historic moment.  We should be proud of where we [...]

TCR: Leading-Edge Corporate and Financial Sector Sustainability Strategies

TCR: Leading-Edge Corporate and Financial Sector Sustainability Strategies

By Frank Dixon, December 1, 2015 The system change-focused Total Corporate Responsibility (TCR®) methodology provides the most advanced form of corporate responsibility (CR) and socially responsible investing (SRI). TCR can be used to develop high-performing SRI funds that produce greater positive environmental and social impacts than any other type of SRI approach. This article discusses the TCR approach and benefits, the critical need for economic and political system change, and how TCR can be used by the corporate and financial sectors to drive beneficial system changes in broader society. Over the past 15 years, CR and SRI have gone mainstream. Nearly every major corporation has some type of sustainability strategy. And trillions of dollars are invested through various [...]

EthicMark® Judge Thomas Kolster On Advertising with Humor

EthicMark® Judge Thomas Kolster On Advertising with Humor This Tuesday afternoon breakout session saw Thomas Kolster, founder and creative director at the Goodvertising Agency, and Kerry Eustice, Editorial Partnerships Editor at The Guardian Sustainable Business, share their perspectives on changing the conversation around sustainability values. Early on, Kolster asserted that sustainability advertising is not doing enough to drive change, as it tends to be less engaging than other advertising messages. He and Eustice discussed dos, don’ts and new approaches that could change the way the message of sustainability is communicated. Eustice demonstrated that threatening communication on climate change was causing people to put their heads in the sand — rather than inspiring them [...]

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