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“Trump’s New TV Show”

"Trump’s New TV Show" By Hazel Henderson        Trump, a master of dominating the daily news cycle, understands that the USA has become a "mediocracy"!  Keeping us all guessing on who he’s hiring is drowning out the real story.  Democrats and Hillary won nationally by over 2 million votes and the Electoral College doesn’t meet to decide the winner until December 19th.   The USA, despite our worldwide promotion of democracy, is not itself a democracy, but a republic of states. The electoral college was designed to prevent rule by a nationwide popular majority. It was a compromise to empower small states, many slave-owning at that time, to create the Union.  Since then, this Electoral College system has denied most US voters the president they chose on [...]

Electoral College – History and Injustice

Electoral College – History and Injustice Frank Dixon November 14, 2016 Published on EthicalMarkets.com     The following is an excerpt from the whole system book Global System Change: Achieving Sustainability and Real Prosperity. The book describes the major political, economic and social system changes needed to maximize the long-term well-being of society. It also discusses the intentions of the US Founders and how they can be implemented in modern political systems.      The US Constitutional Convention of 1787 was tumultuous. Probably no delegate to the Convention was completely satisfied with the outcome. Each delegate brought their biases and vested interests to the table. But the need for a new government was great. As a result, the [...]



By Ladislau Dowbor 30 July 2016 "Politics has changed place: globalization radically challenges the political reference frameworks, in theory and  in practice " Octavio Ianni “Capture is more subtle and no longer requires a transfer of funds, since the politician, academic or regulator has started to believe that the world works in the way that bankers say it does.” Joris Luyendijk  The overall power structure that emerged in the 21st century does not fit very well in the theoretical framework we have inherited. When we consider the world economy, we still tend to view basically economic interests and market mechanisms. Politics, formal power, the public sector in general, would represent another dimension. The breakup of these boundaries, the penetration of private [...]

Paradigm Shift for Symbiotic Living and Genuine Quality of Life

Paradigm Shift for Symbiotic Living and Genuine Quality of Life

Paradigm Shift for Symbiotic Living and Genuine Quality of Life By Hazel Henderson © 2014 For Institute of Symbiotic Life TECH, Yonsei University, Korea Click here for Full Report With Graphics This paper explores these issues and ways that paradigms and concepts are shifting – providing new strategies, models, academic approaches and new institutions and enterprises in public, private and civic sectors worldwide. Humans are changing Earth systems in many ways: from changing its climate, atmosphere, acidifying oceans, pollution affecting human and biodiversity health.  Our still-multiplying 7.5 billion population may reach 10 billion by 2050 and now consumes almost 40% of the planet’s biological production (photosynthesis).  Our new era of human global intervention has been [...]

Corporate Governance: the chaotic power of financial giants

Corporate Governance: the chaotic power of financial giants

Ladislau Dowbor March 7, 2016 There is a growing fear that the costs of global reach,  in terms of regulation and complexity, exceed the potential benefits.  ~The Economist, March 7th 2015 We are slowly beginning to understand the complexity of the corporate system, which today, for better or for worse rules the planet. On one hand, at the intrafirm  level, gigantism leads to inextricable bureaucracies, generating a chaotic behavior and systemic risks. On the other hand, the same giants are providing for interfirm structures of systemic connectedness, quite similar to governments in the sense of internal control hierarchy and practice of direct political power. The result is an extremely complex bureaucratic architecture, both intra- and inter-corporate, feeding the “growing [...]

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