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Review Of Between Debt And The Devil

Review Of Between Debt And The Devil

Review Of Between Debt And The Devil By Adair Turner   by: Hazel Henderson Hazel Henderson Green Economy, Circular Economy, long-term horizon, portfolio strategy Summary A review of Between Debt and the Devil, by Adair Turner. The book looks beyond superficial issues concerning global debt to deeper causes. It points to the many researchers and organizations offering viable solutions. Between Debt and the Devil, by Adair Turner, Princeton University Press, 2015 Author Adair Turner, former Chair of the Financial Services Authority, the top UK financial overseer, clearly lays out the deeper reform of global finance so far avoided since the crises of 2008 and the still painful aftermath. The title sums up the book's theme: between the hazards of global debt [...]

The Evolving Philanthropy Industry

by Hazel Henderson for CSRWire Talkback, January 22, 2016 Since the crises of 2008, the global financial system has shaken many societies, causing job losses, homelessness, sluggish economies, overhangs of unrepayable debt with central banks trying stimulative exercises to substitute for failing fiscal policies and political will.  Financial markets retreated into risk-averse, short-termism while needed long-term investments in infrastructure maintenance and redevelopment stalled.  Meanwhile, risks in the real world proliferated: water shortages, severe weather events and variability due to global average temperature rises, terrorism, conflicts, refugees, all reported in real-time by global and social media. All these epochal changes are driving paradigm shifts in science, [...]

Want to Address Climate Change? We Need New Economic Models!

By Hazel Henderson for American Sustainable Business Council, asbcouncil.org, January 20, 2016 Robert Pollin, author of Greening the Global Economy and Joseph Romm of the Center for American Progress, author of Climate Change: What Everyone Needs to Know, are both influential in the USA but little known to global audiences.  Both argue that climate change generated by the burning of fossil fuels and other unsustainable human activities can best be addressed by more efficient use of all resources and an accelerated shift to renewable energy: solar, wind driven by the Sun, hydro and geothermal from within the Earth. Joseph Romm reaches his conclusion as a physicist with deep scientific research and policy experience.  Robert Pollin reaches the same conclusions as an academic [...]

Quality of Life Indicators in Context – US Employment January 2016

USA Update: January 2016 By Hazel Henderson Total nonfarm payroll employment in December rose by 292,000, a robust increase showing again that the real economy is healthier than Wall Street with its roiling volatility. The November rise by a revised 252,000 and October’s jobs were revised upward from 298,000 to 307,000. September’s 137,000 was revised upward to 145,000 and August’s were revised upward from 136,000 to 153,000. The unemployment rate is still 5.0% and the number of unemployed is still officially at 7.9 million people. The civilian labor force participation rate ticked up to 62.6%, with 663,000 discouraged workers while the employment-population ratio rose to 59.5%. Wall Street absorbed the Fed’s long-awaited rate increase from zero in 2015 but fell in 2016 due to [...]

The Real Meaning of Growth in a Sustainable World. Interview to Hazel Henderson

The Real Meaning of Growth in a Sustainable World. Interview to Hazel Henderson

“This is a time for action,” writes Peter Drucker in Knowledge Society. And “active” seems the right word to define the life of Hazel Henderson who, from starting the civic movement Citizens for Clean Air to tackle air pollution in New York City, developed into a futurist, sustainable development consultant and economic writer. In the following interview, I have talked with her about the role of education, sustainability and the meaning of qualitative growth.   Can you please summarise your background and your experience as an activist, writer and consultant? I am self-educated. I went to a very good school in the United Kingdom that gave me solid reading, writing and English basics. However, as society was changing rapidly it seemed to me that a lot of what I [...]

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