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'Green Transition Scoreboard'

Reports on the GREEN TRANSITION SCOREBOARD® (GTS) showing over $1.64 trillion in private investment in companies growing the green economy since 2007, setting the path for governments and institutional investors. Drilling into the numbers shows green investment possibilities available right now.

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Green Transition Scoreboard®

Green Transition Scoreboard®

ALL ABOUT THE GREEN TRANSITION SCOREBOARD® * Reports and Press Releases * Endorsers * EMM Provides Rigorous Foundation for GTS * Watch the video * GTS In the Press * Overview: Inside The Green Transition by Hazel Henderson     Batteries and Storage Charging Green Transition with $17.4 Billion Influx St. Augustine, FL, September 15, 2015 ~ The Green Transition Scoreboard® Fall Update, Batteries and Storage Charging the Green Transition, focuses on battery and storage investments, reporting a total of $17.4 billion in private investments in R&D for battery and storage technologies. Findings are compiled from 2007 to 2014 and include the top 30 technology producers. The Update focuses on investments in batteries and storage as enhancing and [...]

Court rules that there are no checks and balances

Court rules that there are no checks and balances

Financial Reform Newsletter March 20, 2015 Court rules that there are no checks and balances when the Executive Branch settles cases, even those that caused the worst financial crash since 1929 and caused the worst economy since the Great Depression of the 1930s, costing the US more than $12.8 trillion: Longtime readers know that Better Markets sued DOJ over its $13 billion settlement with JP Morgan Chase. Without transparency, oversight, accountability or any judicial review, that settlement was negotiated in secret and without any meaningful public discloser. For $13 billion, JP Morgan Chase got total civil immunity and got to keep secret the illegal conduct of its executives, officers, supervisors and [...]

Green Transition Scoreboard In the Press

Advisor.ca: Green Investment Tops $3.3 Trillion Ethical Markets Media has released its 2012 Green Transition Scoreboard, the newest report based on their global scoring system used to track private sector investments in green companies and technologies since 2007. Asria: New Report Shows Private Investments In Green Sectors Top $2 Trillion Rosalinda Sanquiche, Ethical Markets Media's Executive Director and editor of the ... Ethical Markets Media is independent multi-media company analyzing and ... The Green Pages: Private Investments In Green Sectors Top $2 Trillion ... Ethical Markets Media released their February 2011 Green Transition Scoreboard® tracking private investments since 2007 in green companies and technologies ... Club of Rome Newsflash 92 Club of Rome Member [...]

The Green Transition: A Personal Note from Hazel Henderson

The global economy is now at a tipping point – emerging from the 300-year fossil-fueled Industrial Era to the cleaner, greener information-rich renewable energy societies which I predicted in my The Politics of the Solar Age in 1981.  Although prominently reviewed in the New York Times and based on six years of service on the Technology Assessment Advisory Council of the US Office of Technology Assessment, the National Science Foundation and the National Academy of Engineering – my book went unheeded until recently.  The health and environmental damage of reliance on fossil fuels led me to found Citizens for Clean Air in New York City in 1964 and persuade local media to carry an Air Pollution Index on weather reports.  Technology assessment research deepened my understanding of the [...]

Reports Supporting GTS

Reports Supporting GTS

› TEEB report: corporations out of step with consumers on biodiversity loss The presence of 160 delegates at Responsible Investor’s first Sustainable Emerging Markets conference was testimony to high interest amid a backdrop of increasing allocations and recognition amongst investors that sustainability factors are important investment issues in emerging markets. Richard Wilson Download the report (PDF). A report to WWF International based on the Climate Risk Industry Sector Technology Allocation (CRISTAL) Model Download the Report (PDF) [...]

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