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How Adam Smith And Charles Darwin Were Hijacked

US Congress Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi at a conference at the Brookings Institution lectured her audience of policy wonks. She chided slavish followers of Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations(1776) who had never bothered to read his other book The Theory of Moral Sentiments (1759) which covers the rest of his description of human behavior: our altruistic impulses to help each other and our communities.  Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren take note! How did Adam Smith’s earlier book get deep-sixed while his focus on competitive human behavior in markets became capitalism’s gospel of individual profit-maximizing? Clearly Smith’sWealth of Nations appealed to the animal spirits and ego needs of budding businesses, early swashbuckling stock markets, traders and merchant venturers [...]

Hazel Henderson, “The Green Transition & Global Investment” on What Now Radio, Jan. 13, 2015

Listen to the podcast Hazel Henderson, “The Green Transition & Global Investment” on What Now Radio, Jan. 13, 2015 For more information: READ MORE HERE [...]

Reforming Money and Banking: Keys to Debt and Jubilee

In the face of economic instability, the last thing we need is austerity. We need to consider creative solutions—like Jubilee, public banking policies, and currency reform—that take into account the complexity of the environment, the nature of money itself, and the possibility for social innovation. The structural instabilities of laissez-faire, market-dominated societies became abundantly apparent during the widespread financial crises and debt-driven credit meltdown on wall street in 2008. Instead of addressing these instabilities at their root, however, many governments shredded safety nets, cut jobs, and imposed misguided “austerity” programs, justifying these measures by citing the controversial work of economists Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff. READ MORE [...]

Government by Mediocracy and the Attention Economy

By Hazel Henderson, 1996 This classic work is as relevant today as in 1996 as advertising has become a $500 billion global industry.  As we continue to watch-dog advertising and marketing with the EthicMark(r) Awards for advertising, this chapter from Henderson's Building a Win-Win World illuminates the issues and the importance of advertising toward a sustainable economy. Government by Mediocracy scan 1996 [...]

2015’s Winning Coalition

The incoming Republican Congress in the United States, elected by the smallest voter participation since World War II, provides a new opportunity for galvanizing a winning coalition on tax reform.  This new Congress faces the spate of tax-avoiding “reversion”: companies moving their taxable “headquarters” offshore by acquiring foreign firms (e.g. Burger King’s acquisition of Canada’s Tim Hortons); demands by business for reducing corporate tax rates (now the highest nominal rates worldwide); and call for further tax cuts by the Tea Party and Libertarians. Today these demands by powerful corporate, Wall Street and conservative interests are aligned with many progressive groups demanding similar cuts on income and payroll taxes.  These groups include environmentalists and [...]

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