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Green Transition Scoreboard®

ALL ABOUT THE GREEN TRANSITION SCOREBOARD® * Reports and Press Releases * Endorsers * EMM Provides Rigorous Foundation for GTS * Watch the [Read More]

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Court rules that there are no checks and balances

Financial Reform Newsletter March 20, 2015 Court rules that there are no checks and balances when the Executive Branch settles cases, even those that caused the worst financial crash since [Read More]

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Michaela Walsh – November Catchup

Michaela Walsh – November Catchup

Michaela Walsh - November Catchup "Ethical Markets is happy to  post inspiring news from our esteemed Advisory board member, Michaela Walsh, Wall Street pioneer , founding President of Womens World Banking and author of  Founding A Movement .  Hazel Henderson, Editor" “Start small.  Pick one issue that speaks to you.  Read about it, study it, learn from others who are involved in bringing about change.  Contribute your time and money and energy to make a difference.  Change will not happen unless we decide to make it happen.”   Br. David Vryhof, SSJE   Since my last communiqué with you, I have been working to figure out my next focus, to make sure my life will continue to be the amazing adventure I have been gifted with over 80 years.  An adventure requires new [...]

Dropping oil and investing green

Dropping oil and investing green By: Tyler Hamilton Climate and Economy Reporter, Climate and Economy Reporter, Published on Mon Nov 02 2015 An exchange-traded fund that let investors track Canada’s oil-sands sector was quietly put out of its misery in late August, and consultant Timothy Nash couldn’t help but feel a tad smug. Nash, who coaches clients on where and how they can make low-carbon investments, said the decision by BlackRock Asset Management Canada to close its nine-year-old fund was telling. “It was symbolic,” he said, suggesting there was likely low market demand for the product. “It has become quite clear that fewer investors are allocating additional resources to the oil sands.” BlackRock said the fund’s closure was part of a routine [...]

Bread, Wine, Chocolate: The Slow Loss of Foods We Love by Simran Sethi, HarperOne, 2015

Bread, Wine, Chocolate: The Slow Loss of Foods We Love by Simran Sethi, HarperOne, 2015   Bread, Wine, Chocolate tells the story of the foods we are losing, how we’re losing them and the inspiring people and places that are bringing back the foods we love. Award-winning journalist Simran Sethi is on Ethical Markets Advisory Board and is the host of the Ethical Markets TV Series.  She travels worldwide, meeting scientists, farmers, chefs, wine-makers, coffee roasters, bakers and many others to explore the reasons behind our developing monodiets.  The appendices offer solutions based on biodiversity and colorful flavor guides to help readers appreciate the nuances of the many flavors available in their regions. [...]

Volkswagen’s gift: now we know Governance is worth it.

Ethical Markets Advisory Board member Elsie Maio speaks to the issues with Volkswagen.   In the wake of Volkswagen’s multibillion-dollar emissions scandal, Elsio Maio shares what went wrong and how the solution includes giving all employees a voice.  Here’s what she said to more than 10 million listeners on Marketplace Morning Report, Oct. 12, 2015.     [...]

Robert’s Radical Truths – What is Impact Investing?

What is Impact Investing? Sep 25, 2015 12:00 pm | Robert Rubinstein “  We  at Ethical Markets agree with our esteemed member , Robert Rubinstein on our global Advisory Board , that it is about time to  clarify all the confusion generated by the term “ impact investing” .  As I have stressed repeatedly , all investments have impacts : some blow the tops off mountains ,others pollute the environment , and many achieve positive social results. As Robert Rubinstein says , promoting “ impact investing “  actually helps obscure how large the whole scale of ESG investing actually  achieved .We show this clearly in our GREEN TRANSITION SCOREBOARD® which has tracked since 2007 worldwide investments  in strictly-defined green sectors , currently  at $6.22 trillion . Our [...]

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