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Robert’s Radical Truths – What is Impact Investing?

What is Impact Investing? Sep 25, 2015 12:00 pm | Robert Rubinstein “  We  at Ethical Markets agree with our esteemed member , Robert Rubinstein on our global Advisory Board , that it is about time to  clarify all the confusion generated by the term “ impact investing” .  As I have stressed repeatedly , all investments have impacts : some blow the tops off mountains ,others pollute the environment , and many achieve positive social results. As Robert Rubinstein says , promoting “ impact investing “  actually helps obscure how large the whole scale of ESG investing actually  achieved .We show this clearly in our GREEN TRANSITION SCOREBOARD® which has tracked since 2007 worldwide investments  in strictly-defined green sectors , currently  at $6.22 trillion . Our [...]

Reclaiming The Economic Surplus By Liberating The Economic Commons

An Email Discussion Through September 7, 2015 Active Participants: Raymond Aitken, Michel Bauwens, Ellen Brown, Pat Conaty, Adrian Costain, Thomas Greco, Hazel Henderson, Chris Quigley, Matthew Slater, Shann Turnbull This email trail is followed by over 30 experts in: Finance, Sustainability, Alternative Economics, Governance, Community Development, Emerging Markets Please note that the emails are minimally edited.   On 27 August 2015 at 07:53, Raymond Aitken wrote: Dear All, Reclaiming the economic surplus by liberating the Economic Commons I have managed to read through all of the tread of discussions so far. Indeed it is an immense “food for thought and reflection”, which deserves more than just this response. My impression is that we need to more [...]

Founding Mundsz Mikro – Rosalind Copisarow,

Ethical Markets Media is proud to have Rosalind Copisarow on our Advisory Board.   Read how Rosalind Copisarow started Fundusz Mikro, providing microfinance in Poland - article   About Fundusz Mikro [...]

Shann Turnbull, EMM Advisory Board Member 2015 Writings and presentations (46)

Journals (2) 2015 ‘Sustaining society with ecological capitalism’, Human Systems Management, 34 (2015), 17-32. ‘The future of corporate governance: Network governance – A lesson from the financial crisis’, with Michael Pirson,Human Systems Management, 34 (2015), 81-89. Conferences (11) 2015 ‘Integrating Corporate Social Responsibilities into Governance’, presentation for 3rd International OFEL Conference on Governance, Management and Entrepreneurship, 17th-18th April 2015, Dubrovnik, Croatia, paper posted at:http://ssrn.com/abstract_id=2261518. ‘Minimizing the “key cause” of the 2008 Financial Crisis: Governance Failure’, presentation for 3rd International OFEL Conference on Governance, Management and Entrepreneurship, 17th-18th April 2015, Dubrovnik, [...]

THE WALL STREET COACH: Empathy for Ourselves & Others

THE WALL STREET COACH: Empathy for Ourselves & Others

  “ Ethical Markets  is  proud that author Kim Ann Curtin is a member of our distinguished global Advisory Board ,Hazel Henderson, Editor” Dear Friends, In the last e-mail you received, I elaborated on the first of my Five Practices to Become More Awake: Self-Responsibility. I invited you to take responsibility for how you respond to what shows up in your life without blame or guilt. How did it go? Did you find yourself becoming more conscious of your thoughts and actions? I hope you continue to take small steps to develop that self-responsibility muscle. This newsletter's practice  is the second of my Five Practices. This is an excerpt from my book, Transforming Wall Street [...]

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