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Video: Learning from Nature’s Genius: Jacques Chirazi

Speaking at TEDxAmericasFinestCity in San Diego, CA, Ethical Markets Advisory Board member Jacques Chirazi<http://www.ethicalmarkets.com/about/research-advisory-board/emm-welcomes-jacques-chirazi-to-advisory-board-2/> describes the evolution and importance of biomimicry.  He extols us to look to nature for solutions, offering elegant examples pertinent to today's society.  Chirazi is a Certified Biomimicry Professional and Founder of Biomimicry San Diego and Biomimicry Switzerland.   Watch the video<https://youtu.be/dX4zTQR8xfE>. [...]

One Spark 2015 – The Best Crowdfunding Party Around!

One Spark 2015 – The Best Crowdfunding Party Around!   By Marianna Smith, JD, LLM, business woman, political activist, philanthropist; Ethical Markets Advisory Board member   One spark  2015.  It lasted six days, covered 20 square blocks of downtown Jacksonville, Fl., attracted more than 350,000 people and can best be described as one fabulous party.  The most obvious thing is that everybody from visitors to presenters, from musicians to artists, was always smiling.  But then, what’s not to like?   There was live music at every corner from 10AM to midnight, scores of food selections, cold beer and ice water.  There were benches for just sitting and watching the activity and the folk strolling by you.  The weather was perfect, and virtually everybody was in a good mood [...]

Poesías ambientalistas sobre El Hatillo (nature poetry about El Hatillo, Venezuela)

Poetry by Frank Bracho, former ambassador to India from Venezuela, Ethical Markets Advisory Board member Presented at Earth Day Commemoration April 2015 Fundación Cultural, Centro de Arte El Hatillo, Venezuela View the Poems Here: PoemarioFrankBracho. [...]

The current financial system jams Brazil’s economic development

The current financial system jams Brazil’s economic development

This ground-breaking examination by our esteemed Advisory Board member, Dr. Ladislau Dowbor, of the financialization of Brazil' economy is chilling. Yet, it is so well documented that we at Ethical Markets Media hope to help stir further efforts to expose the practices of the global banks who charge such outrageous interest rates to Brazilian consumers and companies. Translated from Portuguese, www.dowbor.org .  Contact Dr. Dowbor at [email protected]  ~ Hazel Henderson, Editor-in-chief   The current financial system jams the country's economic development. Ladislau Dowbor 2 February 2015 "There was no way to escape this harsh reality: the economic system only functions on a regular basis when the return on capital reaches certain levels. This finding [...]

Scenarios for Sustainable Development for Africa’s Future Society

  A Paradigm for Future Analysis – revisit of a 1994 paper still relevant today By Yul Anderson, African American Future  As a Futurist I revisited a paper the African American Future Society presented at the United Nations World Summit for Social Development.  I was able to reflect on what the Society predicted then in 1994 for African and African American Futures and relate the paradigms developed then to what we are seeing today in 2014, 20 years later. The paper illustrates what it means when we speak of Africans and African Americans to be a Futurists and to practice Future Studies and Futures research. The Foresight Networks and future methodologies today will be impacted by the advancement of technology, to identify new trends and alternative Futures for Africa [...]

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